Google form is a well-known tool from Google. When it comes to online forms, we choose Google forms without any second thought. You can easily use it for free if you have a Google account.

Google Forms creation looks to be very intuitive. But most of the features except feedback collection and quick test, are too basic. But if you want to create advanced forms then you need to look for a good alternative to Google Forms. For example, a tool that allows you to create order forms with payment options and branching question sequences.

In this article, we will tell you about an online form creator known as “Aidaform” and compare it with Google Forms.

Let’s see what Aidaform does that Google forms doesn’t and why it is worth a try.

Why AidaForm is a Better Alternative to Google Forms

1. Create Order Forms with Payments

Google Forms does not support payment collection via forms. But Aidaform allows you to create order forms that support payment collection. With it, you can process payments via PayPal and Stripe. For any service or event, you can receive fixed fees. The donations can also be received. The donate can easily select any amount which he/she wants to donate.

The goods & services can also be sold using a complete order cart. Aidaform comes with the functionality to create an order from scratch or you can choose from readymade templates for any occasion.

2. Collect Signatures

On the one hand, Google Forms does not have the functionality of an electronic signature field. To use this feature, you need to use an addon. But you need to make sure that it works perfectly with all data protection enabled.

AidaForm provides a built-in secure & reliable field for collecting signatures. With it, you can create branded consent forms that can easily collect signatures electronically.

3. Quiz Creator

With Aidaform Online Quiz Creator, you can easily create online quizzes. It is simple and easy. Also, you don’t need to write any HTML code. You can create a custom quiz from scratch or choose a quiz template. The images and videos can also be used for question and result pages.

4. Smooth File Upload

Google Forms allows you to create a form with a file upload field free of charge. But there is a big downside of it that you need to be logged in to your Google Account to upload a file.

On the other hand, AidaForm has a file upload without any limitation. It is available in Expert Plan for $20 per month. The plan provides you with 5GB of storage. if you want more storage, you can get it for an additional fee.

5. GDPR-Compliant

If you use Google Forms then it is totally up to you to make all your forms compliant with GDPR. You need to all your data collection process to the customers or visitors. Along with it, a link to the Terms of Use of your service or website.  But in Google Forms, there is no option to insert any link to the Terms of Use in forms and surveys.

AidaForm has an integrated ‘Terms and Conditions field. By using it, you can make all your forms GDPR-compliant.

6. Mobile-friendly Forms

All of the forms & survey created with AidaForm are mobile-friendly and looks great on all mobile devices. But Google Form’s some fields look confusing on some mobile devices, which may negatively affect your business.


AidaForm looks to be a solid alternative to Google Forms. It provides some unique & useful features for your business.

Google Forms is good. But it is not exactly designed for business use. If you really want to grow your online business then you may consider AidaForm as your online form creation tool.

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