Are you seeking the finest WordPress Email Validation plugin or Email Validation API for preventing spam from contact or registration forms? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. Spammers have become a major headache, which is why, regardless of the size of your website, email validation is absolutely required. Maintaining a domain’s email reputation is extremely crucial in the long run. WordPress is one of the internet’s largest ecosystems, and it’s extremely popular among those who are just getting started with their online enterprises. As a result, it is a common target for bad actors, making it vital to safeguard these websites against email spam.

Antideo has created a WordPress plugin to address this issue. So, today we’re going to take a deep dive into the service to see if it’s worthwhile to use.

What is Antideo?

Antideo provides a WordPress plugin that appears to be an email validator on the outside but is actually an effective and powerful spam blocker. Email marketing is an important aspect of any online business, and email bounces and spam emails are the biggest threats to it. Only the appropriate email addresses must be present in order to have a good email database. This will ensure that your email database is in good shape and not harm your sender reputation.

In order to avoid spam signups, Antideo Email Validator for WordPress conducts multiple validations in real-time. You don’t need to conduct any complex preliminary configuration or be a tech-competent individual to use the plugin because it works out of the box. Antideo scans for free and disposable emails to ensure the best possible security. The Antideo plugin’s best feature is that it allows you to run limitless email validations for free.

Key Features

Apart from the Email Validator plugin, Antideo offers a robust API service, which includes the following features:

1- Phone Number Validation:

One of Antideo’s best features is that it validates phone numbers, ensuring that you always have a clean list of contacts. The phone number validation API can be used to validate both international and domestic numbers. If there are any faulty numbers present, a large number of fictitious users can be created. If you need to check for a specific number, you can do it quickly.

You may also keep track of your progress using the user dashboard, which is incredibly user-friendly. In addition, the API is encrypted and secured. The pricing tiers are also incredibly affordable, with the basic plan being completely free. In the event of a problem, there is also excellent customer service available.

2- Email Validation:

Antideo’s best feature is its email validation API. It may look for transitory emails, spam emails, fraud emails, invalid domains, free email service providers, and so on. Antideo is the finest alternative if you want to keep your email list clean. Antideo’s email address checker automatically checks for every spam email in real-time, so you don’t have to put in any extra effort.

There is no need to be concerned because the email validation is done in real-time. Antideo is the solution for you if you receive a lot of transitory emails. Because all of the services are accessible via APIs, the integration is quite versatile. There are instances when you will receive free emails; this API can detect and eliminate these. Spam email is a prevalent problem, and Antideo ensures that every spam mail is removed.

3- IP Health Check:

You’re in luck if you wish to monitor the health of your visitors’ IPs because Antideo also has this feature. When a visitor fills out a form or places an order, you can quickly trace their IP health. A lot of fraud has been avoided because to this fantastic feature. If someone is purchasing from the United Kingdom yet the geolocation shows Canada, there is certainly something suspicious going on. As a result, it is occasionally required to monitor IP reputation.

Antideo can detect if an IP address is being used for unethical behavior. The Antideo API can also detect public proxies and TOR IP addresses. You can also obtain IP-related information by using it.

4- WordPress Plugin:

Antideo’s email validation service is also accessible as a WordPress plugin. It makes sure that all of the emails are checked in real-time. If someone is utilizing a WordPress-based website, Antideo can be simply integrated into it. When people use phony email addresses to sign up for websites, Antideo can assist you because it can detect those bogus email addresses. The nicest part about this plugin is that it always works in real-time, so you can just turn it on and go about your business while the plugin handles spam without your involvement.

If the email addresses contain any syntax errors, Antideo can detect these as well. People frequently use throwaway emails, which you may avoid by installing the Antideo plugin. When using Antideo, you may additionally make sure that MX records for the domain of the email address are present.

5- Integrations:

Another great feature of Antideo is that it integrates with the majority of the big and well-known form suppliers out of the box, including WPForms, ContactForm7, Caldera, and other Ninja Forms.


  • Email Validation
  • Phone Number Validation
  • No Spam
  • Intuitive Dashboard 
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Affordable plans 
  • IP Health Checking 


One of the best aspects of Antideo is the low cost of its plans. The first plan is essentially free, but you are limited to 10 requests per hour and receive no email assistance. In this approach, you can start with the lower-tier plans and then progress to the higher-tier plans after you’re satisfied with their service. The plans begin with

  • $0 – 10 requests/hour 
  • $5 – 50 requests/hour
  • $10 – 100 Requests/hour 
  • $20 – 300 Requests/hour
  • $50 – 1000 Requests/hour 
  • $80 – 2000 Requests/hour 

Another fantastic feature of Antideo is that it allows you to take a test drive. Free IP to Location, Reputation, IPinfo, and Email Validation checks are available.


Finally, whether you have a WordPress-based website or a website built with another CMS, you should certainly install Antideo. It’s a fantastic API and plugin that can assist you in dealing with email spamming and other sorts of fraud that come with it. This API can detect temporary and disposable emails, preventing any potential fraud. You can also check whether the phone is domestic or international. It is also possible to examine the reputation of an IP address.

Overall, these characteristics combine to make Antideo one of the best APIs for email/phone number validation. We propose that you at least give it a try because of their reasonable rates.

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