Many of us switch from our old desktop/laptop computer to a new one. In this case, we need to transfer the operating system and other data files to the newer computer. If you don’t have technical knowledge then it will be a complex and time-consuming process to transfer the data.

The backup software will not help you to fully restore the complete data of your old computer system.

At this point, Disk Cloning Software is of great use. It will help you to clone your old disk to a new disk without any hassle. It will have full images of the operating system, software, disk partitions, and other data.

What Is AweClone

AweClone is an easy-to-use and safe disk cloning software. It is developed by Magoshare. The software will help you to migrate your data from one hard drive to another without any data loss.

It makes the whole data migration process super-easy. Within few clicks, you will get your data migrated.

Key Features

Aweclone for Windows is an easy-to-use software that can duplicate your data. Even a beginner can use this software with ease. Let’s take a look at some of it key features listed below.

1. It is a powerful disk cloner that can completely make a clone of any storage device to another storage device.

2. It allows you t clone HDD to SSD or Clone SSD to HDD without any hassle. You can also clone HDD/SDD to any other storage device.

3. If your system is crashing or having a system error then you can make an identical copy of your system hard drive.

4. This software can also acts as a backup and recovery tool for you.

5. AweClone has two modes: Disk Clone and Partition Clone. With disk clone, you can clone your complete hard disk. On the other side, Partition Clone mode allows you to make a clone of a selected partition of the hard drive.

How To Use AweClone

You can install it on your Windows computer with a minimum of 128 MB RAM and 60 MB disk space.

1. Open the program. You will get two options Disk clone and Partition clone. You can select one of these options based on your requirement.

2. Suppose we want to clone a partition and select “Partition Clone”. Now choose the partition which your want to clone. Click Next.

3. Now choose the Destination drive or device and click Next.

4. Click OK in the popup window.

Now the cloning process with start. You have to wait for the process to get completed.


AweClone is available with three types of licenses.

1 year Licence – $19.95 for 2 PCs

Lifetime Licence – $29.95 for 2 PCs

Enterprise Lifetime Licence – $149 for 100 PCs


AweClone seems to be a great software for cloning the hard disk. We used it for migrating our data from 5 year HDD to a new SSD on our computer. The entire process took 15 minutes without any errors.

We highly recommend “AweClone” for cloning any storage device.

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