Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone: Gone are the days when we hold a feature phone. In this age of modern technology, most of the people owns a smartphone in their hand. In todays’ world smartphone market is dominated by Android. More than 80 percent of smartphone users in world use Android devices.

Top 10 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone

These days android smartphones are available at very low price that’s why more and more people are buying these android based smartphones. Most of the android users don’t use these smrtphones to its full potential as they don’t know about the term “Android Rooting”.

What Is Android Rooting

Android Rooting is a popular tech concept. It is all about giving root access to your android devices like smartphones and tablets.In this process, android device got privilege control overs android operating system. If your android devices is not rooted you can uninstall some pre-installed apps which take memory.

Android smartphone manufacturer don’t give root access due to security reasons.

If your android phone is rooted, you can customize its software in many ways. In fact you gain more control on settings and performance of the smartphone, if it’s rooted.

One point should be noted that you should be aware about the tasks to be done for rooting and rooting should be done in a proper way. If it got failed, you smartphone may get bricked.

Android Rooting has some serious benefits form that rooted android device. So let’s know about the benefits of rooting an android phone.

List Of Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone

1. Increase In Memory Of Smartphone

If you are in doubt about how you can increase memory of smartphone by rooting then its true that you can get more memory by rooting your phone. After rooting of android, you can uninstall any unwanted apps pre-installed by manufacturer. Also rooting allows the device to move the apps from internal memory to memory card. This will save a chunk of internal memory space thus increase memory of your android smartphone.

This points shows one of the best benefits of rooting android phone.

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2. Run Special Apps Made For Rooted Device

If you have own a rooted android phone then you can install and run some special apps only built for rooted android devices. There are apps like Greenify which can easily increase the battery life of the android phone. Greenify can only be installed in rooted devices as it requires root permissions.

There are many other awesome apps like SetCPU, Titanium Backup, Link2Sd and more can only be installed in rooted phones. These apps helps your android smartphone to do a function that other non-rooted android devices can’t

3. Custom ROM

Android users are blessed by Custom ROMs. These ROM are developed by independent android developers. By installing a suitable Custom ROM for any android device, you will get newer look, better performance, increase in battery life and many more functionality than stock android ROM.

CyanogenMod is popular custom rom available fro many popular android smartphones.

4. Latest Android Updates

Your android phone will get latest android updates, if it is rooted. There are many android developers who develops stable version of ROMs even before official updates by manufacturer.

Custom ROMs will let your device to get ahead in the race of operating system updates as these are built by independent android community.

5. Better Battery Performance

If your android phone is rooted then you have a golden chance to increase the battery life of android phone. Rooting phone allows you to stop any unwanted process running in background thus reduction in CPU usage and increase in battery life. You can use apps like Greenify and SetCPU to help battery to last longer.

SetCPU can set the frequency of CPU to lower levels which contributes in lowering down battery consumption.

6. Better Performance Of Android Smartphone

Your android smartphone will perform better if its rooted. But you need to tweak some settings of system in order to get maximum performance. Most of the Custom ROMs are built-in order to get maximum performance from phone hardware.

By removing unwanted apps and moving apps from internal memory to memory card, internal memory of the phone will have more space. It will result in increase in performance of smartphone.

7. Better Customization

Android rooting allows you to customize the themes in phone a greater level. There are many files in android system which are required to customize the theme like fonts. These files will only be visible to user only when phone is rooted.

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8. Backup Of Data In Phone

You can easily take the backup of all data in your android smartphone, if its rooted. A non-rooted phones will not allow backup is such a convenient way.

9. Control Over CPU Frequency

If your android phone is rooted, you can easily underclock and overclock the CPU according to your need. It is one of the best benefit of rooting an android phone. Non-rooted will never allow you to do this tedious task.

10. Better Support

A rooted phone allows you to get support from a vastly large android community. It only means that if you install any Custom ROM like CyanogenMod, you will get best supports from them. These independent android developer communities are experts in android field. So be assured for great support.


So these are top benefits of rooting your android phone. You will surely be excited after reading all the above benefits of rooting android phone. But make sure that you should follow right steps in rooting your android device.

If you know about any other benefit of android rooting through that in comment section.

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