Best Cloud Storage Services: In today’s technological days most of us holds some precious data in our computer and mobile devices. If you holds your important data like pics, videos or any other data in computer hard drive then its vulnerable to security attacks. If Computer’s hard drive got crashed, what will you do then? Most of the times, you need to pay a big amount to recover the data from a dead hard drive.

Many time, our computer system got malware attack which leaves our data in system on high risk. Your smartphone also holds precious data like your personal photos, videos, emails, passwords and more. What steps you are taking to backup this data to a safe place. In this situation, using Cloud Storage services is the best way to keep your important digital data in a safe place.

Most of you already known to Cloud storage service. If not, here is the proper meaning, Cloud Storage service will let you to keep your data in sync on different devices like mobile devices & computer and it also ensures safety of data in the cloud. You don’t need to worry about the security of your digital data anymore, if you use cloud storage service.

Before using a cloud storage service, we need to keep some points in consideration. How much of cloud storage we need? Security should be one of our prime concern.

We are presenting you with some best cloud storage services which will surely fulfill your needs of cloud storage.

List Of Best Cloud Storage Services

1. pCloud

pCloud is popular cloud storage service. They are not just another cloud storage service provider. In fact they provide great features related to security and file management.

It can easily replace Dropbox. In fact pCloud is a great Dropbox alternative. It provides similar and more great features than Dropbox. It provide easier file management. You can just type the name of the file or folder and it will be found in an instant.

With pCloud data synchronization is very easy. It instantly synchronize your files between the cloud storage platform and your multiple devices and computers.

Really pCloud is the best free cloud storage service here.

2. Dropbox:

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services. You can access your data stored in Dropbox account on any device like mobile and computer. It has client software for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Dropbox will soon launch the app for Windows Phone.

When you sign up for a free account on Dropbox, you will get 2GB of cloud storage. Though this 2GB is small but we can store our important and frequently used documents easily. If you need more amount of data storage, you can upgrade to premium plans which suits your needs.

You can get 500MB of free cloud storage, if your friend will sign up for Dropbox from your link. By taking a tour of Dropbox basics, 250MB storage will be in your Dropbox account. By linking to you Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will get 125MB extra storage.

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Dropbox also provides proper security to your data. It uses 256-Bit AES encryption while storing data. Two-factor authentication is a part of its security.

3. Google Drive: Best Cloud Storage Services

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

As the name suggest, Google Drive is a product of tech giant Google and its one of the best cloud storage service. Google Drive is connected to all of the services offered by Google. If you have Gmail account then you also sign in for Google Drive with same Gmail credential. As there is one Google account, you can sign in with same Google credentials to all Google services.

When you sign up for Google Drive first time, you will 15GB of free cloud storage. All the photos, videos or any other document in Gmail will come under Google Drive’s storage.

Google Drives client software are available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. For security, Google adds 128-bit encryption for storing data. You can also opt for two-factor authentication.

4. OneDrive

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

OneDrive previously known as Skydrive. Its a product of tech giant Microsoft. When a new user sign up for OneDrive, he/she will get 15GB of free cloud storage. It has client software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The interface of OneDrive similar to the Metro look of Windows 8. Most of the .mp4, .mov and .m4v files are directly supported in OneDrive.

Microsoft uses 256-bit AES encryption in OneDrive. You can also increase the security by using two-step verification.

5. Box

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

Box is well-known cloud storage service provider founded in 2005. Box’s cloud storage is used by most enterprises and it also focuses on enterprise rather than personal. But still it offer free account to personal users. You will 10GB free cloud storage when sign up. One point should be noted that Box allows you to upload any file of maximum 250MB.

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If you need more cloud storage, you can opt of paid plans. Box interface will allow you to create new document using MS Office and Google Docs.

256-bit AES encryption is a part of its security. It also uses SSL for every transaction.

6. SpiderOak

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

SpiderOak will seem unknown to some of you. But it is also among best cloud storage services. A news user will get 2GB of small cloud storage on sign up. But you can increase it with referrals. Your account will be increased by 1GB of cloud storage on every news sign up.

SpiderOak prioritize privacy of every digital data stored in their servers. SpiderOak employs Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy. It means your data can be read by you only. Everything on servers are encrypted. Clients software are available for Window, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

7. Apple iCloud:

Top 6 Best Cloud Storage Services

Apple iCloud is the cloud storage service only meant for Apple Products. It means if use Apple devices like iPhone, Mac and iPad then you can use it. It will only run on iOS and Mac. Apple provides 128-bit encryption for most of the data stored. 256-bit encryption is available for storing passwords and other credentials. Two-Step verification is optional.

An Office Suite of application named iWork is also integrated in it.

On new accounts, Apple provides 5GB of free storage. But you have option to increase the storage by paying. Apple iCloud is one of the best cloud storage service for Mac and best cloud storage service for iPhone.

Which One Is The Best Cloud Storage Services For You?

So these are the best cloud storage services of 2015. If you have used any of these service like pCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other, in your experience who Providences the best cloud storage service. Most of you will go with Dropbox and Google Drive for sure. Some will prefer Microsoft’s product OneDrive.

First three are best among all. They provide options to sync data across most of the mobile devices.

If you know about any other great cloud storage service that can take a place in above list, name that in comment section.

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