Investment in cryptocurrency can be a profitable investment. But you should take the necessary steps to secure your crypto investments. One of those steps is to choose a high-quality crypto wallet.

Crypto Wallets is a software program or a hardware device that stores the codes that are used for accessing and exchanging. You can easily check your crypto balance in your crypto wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallets do not hold the currency in physical form. Instead, it lists all of its transaction records.

In this article, we will tell you about the best crypto wallets that are software-based and can be accessed online through a platform.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a mobile-based wallet that is completely under the user’s control. The wallet’s private key is stored in your mobile device instead of a centralized crypto exchange The Coinbase wallet is widely considered as one of the most secure mobile wallets. The user can store different cryptocurrencies and do transactions very easily. You can easily buy & sell different cryptocurrencies and track them in a single place.

There is an advanced security feature provided in this wallet known as Secure Element Technology (SET) and biometric authentication. They maintain crypto-insurance and all USD cash balances are covered by FDIC insurance, up to a maximum of $250,000. Recurring buys are also allowed in the wallet.

Coinbase has mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Manage your portfolio
  • Highy secure
  • Apps for Android & iOS
  • Protected by Insurance

2. Exodus

Exodus is a desktop & mobile-based crypto wallet. Along with Bitcoin, it supports 100+ cryptocurrencies. With it, you can send, receive and exchange different cryptocurrencies with ease.

The Exodus crypto wallet is very visually appealing and intuitive. Originally it is a desktop-only wallet. But has apps for Android and iOS. It is compatible with Trezor wallets. The core offering by Exodus is its desktop wallet.

To use the wallet, you can need to download the Exodus application on your desktop. For providing better security, it encrypts private keys and transaction data. It charges a small fee for all the payments made from the wallet.

Key Features

  • Download wallet on Windows, Mac and Linux PC
  • OR code address verification
  • 100+ cryptocureencies support
  • Advanced secuirty

3. Prodoge: Best Wallet For Business

If you are looking for the best crypto wallet for your business then undoubtedly Prodoge is the best wallet for you. It provides some unique features. It allows you to send and receive both crypto and card payments in over 200+ countries. Along with it, you don’t have any limitations on this.

From a single app, you can do all of the transactions. It provides both personal and business solutions. You can send and receive money globally without any hassle. It also allows you to send payments with a PayPal ID and Stripe account.

Different types of cryptocurrencies are supported by the app. It includes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, DigiByte & USD Coin wallets. Also, you can get detailed transaction notifications.

Also, you can receive payment through invoices. You can easily create Point of Sale checkouts and accept payment via crypto and card in 200+ countries. The Payment links can be sent via any text, email, and social media apps.

One of the unique & best point about Prodoge is its marketplaces. You can list your products & services in this marketplace and get deals very easily. It helps you in growing your business.

With its embeddable payment widgets, you can also get paid on your websites.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Fast Payments
  • Prodoge Marketplace
  • Invoice solution
  • iOS app

4. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a decentralized open-source mobile crypto wallet. With it, you can buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange and earn crypto. Within 5 minutes, you can Bitcoin. One of the key thing about it is that you can earn interest on the crypto in your wallet.

You can also exchange your crypto without leaving the app. The app is full secure & private which keeps your crypto safe from hackers & scammers. It provides pin code scanning or fingerprint scanning for better security.

Trust Wallet has app for Apple devices and Andorid. The user-interface of the app is basic and intuitive. More than 10+ million people are using Trust Wallet.

Key Features

  • Buy crypto with a card
  • Private & Secure
  • Track charts & prices
  • iOS and Android apps

5. Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood started as a free stock trading platform. But expanded to Bitcoin and other crypto. It provides you with a wallet like feature that allows you to store cryptocurecnies. You can also exchange crypto.

It is available both on mobile and desktop. One of the key point about Robinhood is that it is completely free to use.

Key Features

  • Free to use
  • No commision
  • Industry leading security
  • Insurance aginst theft


Although you can use crypto to make payments around the globe. But the real quesyion is that how you can securely store your cryptocurrencies.

All of the above listed wallets give you full control over your crypto assets. Also, you can safely do the transaction of sending and receiving the funds easily.

It provides industry leading security and insurance against theft and cybersecurity breaches.

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