Best Free Online Fax ServicesDo your organisation still uses traditional fax service? Many offices around the globe still uses fax service to sends documents.

But as the technology is going advanced day by day, the use of fax machine have decreased to a great extent. Now we have different free email services to send any document with ease. Also there many free instant messaging apps for sending & receiving documents on the go.

Sending fax is a complex process which include printing of document and use of fax machine. You should know about how to use fax machine, in order to sending a fax.

If you still want the functionality of fax services in an efficient way then here comes free online fax services. Now your organisation don’t need to purchase fax machine. All you need the access to the internet and knowledge about some free online fax service websites.

List Of Best Free Online Fax Services

Below is the list of some of best free online fax services.

1. FaxZero

Best Free Online Fax Services

FaxZero allows you to send faxes for free to anywhere in US and Canada. It free service can send 3 pages + cover and includes FaxZero branding. You can send maximum of five free faxes per day.

You can different types of documents including PDF, Microsoft Word file, image files and Excel spreadsheet. Your attachment should be under 20 MB.

2. GotFreeFax

Best Free Online Fax Services

If you are from US and Canada then here is another free online fax service for you named “GotFreeFax”. It free service includes free fax cover page with no ads and send maximum 3 pages per day. Its sending limit of free fax is up to 2 fax per day.

It supports file formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument text, Rich Text, and JPEG. You need to pay fees to send international faxes.

The size of uploaded files should be upto 30 MB.

3. FaxBurner

Best Free Online Fax Services

With FaxBurner, you can send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Some of its best features include a free fax number, archive faxes, create multi-page fax and more.

Its free account comes with features like disposable fax number, 25-pages inbound per month, 5-pages outbound total, email-to-fax support,  fax-to-email support and more.

It has mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

4. FaxBetter

Best Free Online Fax Services

FaxBetter is another free online fax service. It provides you with toll-free fax number. You will be notified via email whenever a fax arrives in your account.

To keep your dedicated toll-free fax number for life, you will need to receive a fax every 7 days. It provides storage for up to 1000 pages. Its customer service can be accessed instantly.

Also there will be no advertisements on your faxes.

5. MyFax

Best Free Online Fax Services

MyFax allows you to send and receive faxes free for 30 days. Its free service is limited to sending 2 faxes in 24 hours. It also works on your smartphone as it have mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

You will your own toll-free fax number for 30 days. It can also send fax to 50 different fax numbers at once. This service is only available in United States and Canada.

6. eFax Free

Best Free Online Fax Services

eFax is one of best online fax service. Many small businesses and Fortune 500 are using eFax. It free plan provides you toll-free fax number.

You can use it on tablet, desktop and smartphone. Some of its best features are electronic signature, large file sharing, cloud storage and more.


So these are the best free online fax service. If you are using traditional fax service then its time to replace it with these free online fax services.

As paper is saved so these services are positively contributes to environment. Also your business will become more productive.

Now go and use of one of these online fax services and grow your business.

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