Getting weather information on our smartphone is now become common these days. We just have to install one of the best weather app in our android smartphone and the get weather forecast of any area or location with ease.

You don’t need to wait for the weather report on television. With these weather apps, you will get the weather forecast information right on the homescreen of your android smartphone.

For travelers, weather apps are of great use. They can know weather forecast of the area which they are visiting. It will help you to schedule your journey or tour accordingly.

But do you know which are the best free weather apps for android mobile. Here is the list of best weather apps for android.

List Of Best Free Weather Apps For Android

1. 1Weather

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

If you want to get complete weather information in a good-looking user interface than 1Weather should be your choice. It let you check the temperature, precipitation forecast and some other important weather information about the location you choose. Also you will get weather related information in a beautiful package.

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  • Track current weather condition and forecast of your location or the location you choose.
  • Weather information includes access graphs, precipitation forecast, maps, weather facts and videos and more.
  • Sharing of weather info.
  • Android wear support

2. The Weather Channel

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

It is one of most popular weather app. If you want accurate & reliable weather information than you can install this app on your mobile. In its weather information you will get info including forecasts, current weather conditions, wind forecast and weather apps. In sever weather conditions, it will notify you. Its alter also includes rain alerts and pollen alerts.


  • User friendly and sleek interface
  • Accurate weather info
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Weather widgets

3. Accuweather

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

As the name suggests, Accuweather provides accurate weather information which includes humidity and precipitation percentages, dew point, visibility, UV index and more. With this app, you will get current weather conditions and weather forecast summaries.


  • AccuWeatherMinuteCast
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Get current weather condition update at every 15 minutes
  • Current temperature in status bar
  • Store unlimited amount of locations

4. Yahoo Weather

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

Yahoo Weather app provides new user-friendly design to provide weather report. Like Accuweather, it also notifies in bad weather conditions. You can get detailed weather information including radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Home screen widgets
  • Weather alerts
  • Weather information with beautiful matched photos

5. YoWindows

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

YoWindows provides live weather condition in form live photo on the screen. It is a simple but beautiful weather app available for android. You can also scroll the apps screen to see how weather will change throughout the day.

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6. Google Now

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

Google Now is one of the best free weather app for android. The design of this app is very simple and minimal. In fact, it is not a specially developed weather app. With basic weather information, it will give you weather alerts. You can also use your voice in this app to question about the weather condition of a particular location.

7. WeatherBug

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

With this app, you can track weather condition of any area. It includes Real-Time Pinpoint Forecasts, Enhanced Interactive Map, Spark Lightning Alerts and Pollen Map Layer. You can also get latest weather news in form of videos. It will notify of severe weather condition very fast.

8. Weather Underground

Best Free Weather Apps For Android

Weather Underground provide hyper-local weather forecast along with radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. You can also get extended forecast up to 10 days. It relays on crowd retorting to get weather forecast. Every user using this app can also give weather information about his/her area.


So these are the best free weather apps for android. All of these apps are well supported & updated by their developers regularly. Among all Accuweather and The Weather Channel Apps are the best weather apps which you should try at first.

Now install one of these weather apps and get latest weather report of your area on your android smartphone.

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