Getting a well-designed logo for your business website can be a complex task. Also, you have to invest a hefty amount of money to get a professionally designed logo. If you are starting a new business, surely you need a logo to establish it as a brand.

If you have a good budget then you can easily order a logo from a design studio. But what if have no or low budget for logo designing tasks. Many of bloggers and startups don’t have enough budget in the starting phase. So what will they do? Without an attractive logo, it is really difficult to build a brand.

Although you can also order a logo from freelancers. But logo will have not that top-quality as from a design studio. It means if you want to have an excellent quality logo, you need to pay more.

So how you will get a good quality logo for your business when you don’t have enough resources for professionally designing it? In this case, you can use online logo makers. These logo makers can be the best choice for you if you have a small budget.

All you need is to know how your logo should be designed. Online Logo Generators will provide you with some creative ideas to have a good-looking logo that matches your brand. Also, there will be many options to edit your logo including colors, fonts and more.

But do you know which are best online logo makers? In this post, we will tell you about some of the free online logo makers that help you in getting a good logo for your business.

List Of Best Online Logo Makers

1. Turbologo Logo Maker

Turbologo Logo Maker is an online logo creation platform. With it, you can create a professionally designed logo for free. It is one of the best online logo makers out there. Creating a logo with it is very easy and simple. All you need is to provide your company name and its description.

Anyone can create a modern logo in the blink of an eye using a large library of high-quality pictures and carefully chosen patterns and colors.

Over the last few years, Turbologo has gained some traction. The site’s developers update it on a regular basis, offering new capabilities that are ideal for unique designs.

It has a large database, with over a million different images, and it is updated every day by numerous designers from around the world. This gives you a much broader range of aesthetic options, ensuring that any generated logo is as trendy and appealing as possible. You won’t have to wait long with the platform. The logos are immediately accessible for download and use when they have been created.

2. Designhill logo Maker

Designhill is a popular graphics design website. They also provide an online logo maker service. This online logo maker is powered by AI. At first, you just have to enter your company name. After that, you can choose the 5 design styles you like. You can also select colors and symbols for your logo. The generated logo can also be easily edited. Within just five steps, you will get your designed logo. All logos come with complete ownership and copyright with the final source files.

After making the payment, you can high-resolution PNG and vector files.

3. Logaster

Logaster is another online logo maker that allows you to create the logo for free. With it, you can create a logo in just 4 steps. The process includes inputting the name of your company and choosing an industry. After it, you will have to choose a logo concept. You can also change the color, text, or icons of the logo. The small-sized logo can be downloaded for free but you need to pay for a high-resolution file.

4. Canva

Canva is an excellent online graphic design tool. You can also create a high-quality logo for free. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. It will provide you with a logo within just 5 steps. You can choose from their extensive range of images, icons, and illustrations. Hundred of free fonts are also available. One of the best points about Canva is that it allows you to download the high-resolution logo for free. With its mobile app, you can start the logo creation process on your smartphone also.

5. Looka

Logojoy is one of the best free online makers. Creating a logo with it is simple and useful. Even a beginner can understand its interface and features. Just by completing the 5-steps, you will have a well-designed logo. Its steps include entering the company name & selecting colors, icons, and logo styles, browsing & favorite logo mockups, previewing a logo mockup with editing, editing your logo and downloading the files.

6. Wix Logo Maker

Although Wix is known as a website builder. But it also has an online Wix logo maker. You just need to answer a few questions and it will get know your style, and you’ll get a design that’s right for you. The logo will come with full commercial usage rights and is completely customizable. You can change the font, color, size, text, and more to fit your brand.

7. LogoMyWay

LogoMyWay is also one of the best online logo makers. With it, you can design your business logo within a few minutes. You can also change the fonts, colors, size, and text to fit your business. Along with it, you also get full commercial use rights for your new logo.

It also allows you to download high-resolution vector files. These files can be used on any application including websites, t-shirts, mugs, pens, business cards, etc.


So these are some of the best online logo makers. If you have a small budget or don’t want to spend money on logo creation then above listed online logo makers are of great use to you. If you don’t know about the logo design task then no need to worry. Using online logo generators is simple and easy.

So what are you waiting for? Go and build a great logo for your business with these best online logo makers.

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