You must manage everything from marketing to fast hosting, social networking, security, content creation, and much more in order for your business to prosper online today. This can all become overwhelming and distressing very quickly.

Today, we’ll look at why choosing a managed WordPress hosting service over a shared host or a tiny VPS can be one of the most essential website decisions you can make.

Your company deserves the best, and a managed WordPress host can help you achieve that. Let us tell you how can you select the best managed WP host.

It’s not easy to run a WordPress blog or website. You must manage all content, marketing, site design, social media, and other aspects of your business. But first, make sure your WordPress site is up and running, and that your current WordPress hosting provider isn’t causing you any troubles or problems.

Today, the majority of web hosting providers concentrate on delivering low-cost services. Getting an account with a shared hosting company costs less than $5. And if you’re just beginning to start, that’s a terrific option. However, high-quality WordPress hosting is a preferable option for a medium-sized or corporate website.

When I say excellent hosting, I’m referring to managed WordPress hosting, which is designed exclusively for WordPress users. Managed WordPress hosting can help you acquire a faster-loading site while also relieving some of the essential maintenance and performance optimization responsibilities off your shoulders.

Yes, it is more expensive than cheap shared hosting, but for most WordPress users, the extra money is justified because you get a lot more value.

In this article, I’ll provide you with some basic information on the eight most popular and reliable WordPress managed hosting services so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your company.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

The technical components of your site are managed by managed WordPress hosting. Security, performance, WordPress updates, expert backups, server uptime, etc are all included.

The finest WordPress hosts should be simple to use and allow you to concentrate on your business.

WordPress is a huge platform. In reality, WordPress was responsible for 39.6% of the internet in 2021. As a result, there are a plethora of dedicated WordPress hosting solutions.

Because of WordPress’s popularity, some web hosting companies have chosen to specialize in WordPress and offer managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service in which the host handles all technical aspects of running WordPress.

Security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability are all factors to consider.

The goal of a managed WordPress hosting package is to provide a worry-free experience so you can focus on operating your business and doing what you do best.

Premium Support is one of the key features of Managed WordPress hosting that most of the users loves. Rather than someone reading a support manual, you’ll get help from actual WordPress specialists with plenty of expertise.

If you are looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting then we highly recommend “AccuWeb Hosting

Pros and Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

While managed WordPress hosting looks to be an excellent hosting for your business but it is not for everyone. Before you make your decision, consider the benefits and drawbacks of managed WordPress hosting.


Blazing Fast – WordPress hosting servers that are managed are set up specifically for WordPress. The servers loads the website super-fast even if the traffic load is too-high.

Security – When you use a managed WordPress hosting company, you’re essentially hacker-proof. They have a strong security layer in place that actively detects viruses and prevents all hacking attempts.

Expert Support – Unlike other hosting providers, the staff knows a lot about WordPress. Other hosts recommend you to avoid using plugins that slow down your web server’s performance make it harder to handle problems, and so on. It will looks like a team of WordPress Experts will always be at an email or live chat away.

Daily Backups – They back up your data on a daily basis and provide restore points in case you need to go back in time.

Automatic Updates — Managed WP host makes the task of update super-easy. You don’t need take care of it as it will happen automatically.

No downtime – Your website will always be up and running at top speed. It will never go down, regardless of how much traffic it receives.

Dev Tools – Although it differs by the host, dev tools like staging areas, version control, and so on are commonly available.

You’re probably wondering that the benefits sound great, but are there any drawbacks?


Price – When compared to shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting is much more expensive. The base plan normally costs roughly $29 per month, whereas shared hosting plans cost $3.95 per month. However, when you consider the expense of running a huge website and the compensation of a system administrator, this appears to be a viable choice.

Limitations — Because the server architecture is optimized for WordPress, you are frequently restricted to only running WordPress-based websites. But that’s exactly what you wanted to do. You also won’t be able to use all of the WordPress plugins. Plugins that slow down your site are blocked by managed WordPress hosting companies. So while this isn’t wholly a disadvantage, it can be a problem for larger businesses.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

The best WordPress hosting services are discussed in this section. For each host, we provide a speed test, a feature list, and pricing information.

For speed tests, we chose a modest business run by each WordPress hosting site.

Renewal rates are frequently greater than those listed on the website. Keep this in mind when comparing WordPress managed hosting packages.

1. Stromonic: Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Stromonic is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers. Natan Ray and his independent team of WordPress developers and system administrators created Stromonic Hosting in 2017(and continuing). The foundation team’s previous experience included IT outsourcing and WordPress website building. The company emphasizes the usage of cutting-edge technology and high-end hardware for Managed WordPress Hosting services.

Stromonic has established itself in the managed WordPress hosting market by outperforming its competition in terms of price-to-value.

If you’re seeking a company that can provide best-in-class hosting, Stromonic is the answer.

Their main purpose is to correct flaws in the hosting industry by offering robust hosting solutions at a reasonable price.

To address the demand for the most cost-effective hosting solutions, the company, unlike others, offers high-performance Managed WordPress Hosting options.

Key Features

  • cPanel Control Panel: Stromonic employs cPanel, one of the most user-friendly and beginner-friendly control panels available. For its attractive UI/UX, feature-packed options, and hassle-free experience, everyone adores cPanel.
  • Stromonic Cloud: Stromoinc has built its own cloud known as Stromonic Cloud and declined the option of hosting on Google Cloud servers. The company doesn’t want to use someone else’s cloud, whether it’s GCP or AWS. As a result, Stromonic Cloud has been developed. It has got hand-selected best-in-class CPUs and NVMe storage. The read/write speed of our server is faster than that of so-called GCP C2 instances.
  • Server-Side Caching: At Stromonic, you don’t need to worry about server-side caching as the hosting company takes care of it. While some companies charge for Redis, Stromonic has included it for free. You can also activate the object cache to improve the speed of your site’s page load. Redis is a server-side cache that saves database query results so that they can be served more quickly the next time they’re requested.
  • Real-Time Security: Stromonic detects malware in real time, not on a weekly or monthly basis. It identifies viruses on your websites in real time. If you are receiving DoS attacks from your adversary, it will immediately disable its ISP.
  • Daily Website Backups: Stromonic backs up your website every day and saves it in a new geographic location for 7 days. They also feature on-demand website backup, which you can utilise to create a backup of your website as it’s being developed.
  • Easy Migration: You won’t have to worry about downtime or extra costs when you’re ready to switch to Managed WordPress. Stromonic makes sure your site transitions smoothly thanks to its white glove service and automated capabilities.
  • 24/7/365 Support: Don’t be concerned. If you ever have a problem, no matter how big or small, their courteous staff of specialists is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. WPEngine

WP Engine is a hassle-free, quick, and dependable platform. As a result, it’s one of the top WordPress hosting services.

Daily backups, SSL certificates, updates, security, and more are all included in this WordPress hosting service.

You also receive the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes with WP Engine. As a result, it’s an ideal choice for online store owners who are short on time.

All hosting plans also come with a one-click backup and restore feature. WP Engine will scan and monitor your site for hacking attempts, and if your site is compromised, WP Engine will repair it for free.

Key Features

Fast Performace: WP Engine provides high-performance cloud infrastructure via Google Cloud, as well as its own unique caching techniques and a built-in CDN.

Custom Dashboard – WP Engine’s custom hosting dashboard makes managing your site a breeze.

Staging Area: It produces a replica of your live site so you may test new themes and plugins before making changes to your live site.

Auto Backups: WP Engine automatically backs up your site every day. If something goes wrong with your site, theme, or plugins, you may utilise the one-click restore point to get everything back to how it was before.

No need of caching plugins: There’s no need for any cache plugins because WP Engine’s EverCache solution uses Varnish and Memcached to improve your site.

3. SiteGround:

SiteGround has the most affordable managed WordPress plans, which cater to both bloggers and non-technical users, as well as developers who require advanced capabilities such as Git integration and staging spaces.

The GrowBig and GoGeek plans stand out as the best managed WordPress hosting alternatives among their complete offering. The former is less expensive ($6.69), whilst the latter is more powerful (fewer accounts on the server) and includes “geeky” features for developers and businesses ($10.69).

Overall, the GoGeek plan is a good option for folks who wish to play around with the platform on their own while still having all of the regular hosting capabilities.

Key Features

  • Officially recommended by
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL for all plans.
  • Git integration.
  • Free PCI compliance (for e-commerce).
  • Staging.
  • SSD drives.
  • CDN included.
  • Multiple websites on a single account.
  • 24/7 support
  • Free backup and restore features.

4. Kinsta

Kinsta is a high-performance managed WordPress host that has gained a lot of traction in the last few years.

Kinsta began as a high-end host, with the cheapest monthly subscription costing $100. However, as of late 2017, Kinsta has become much more accessible to normal WordPress users, with monthly costs starting at just $30.

So, what’s the secret to Kinsta’s recent success?

For starters, it includes all of the capabilities you’d expect from a managed WordPress host, such as staging sites, automatic backups, and server-level caching.

Key Features

Custom Dashbaord: Kinsta’s own hosting panel is extremely user-friendly and makes managing your website or server a breeze.

Smart staging/backup features — When you switch from staging to production, Kinsta automatically backs up your site, making it simple to roll back changes if necessary.

Architecture with an emphasis on performance – Kinsta is built on Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier, which contains the newest technologies such as NGINX, PHP 7.3+, LXD containers, MariaDB, HTTP/2, and more. You’ll also get a free Cloudflare CDN.

24/7 Support: Kinsta provides live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the always-on Intercom widget.

Excellent Security: Beyond firewalls and DDoS protection, Kinsta includes WordPress login hardening, free Cloudflare integration, uptime monitoring, and a slew of other security features.

5. DreamHost

DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting solution provided by DreamHost, a multi-award winning web hosting provider. It’s a scalable service that lets you manage your WordPress site with straightforward pricing, server stability, caching, and memory.

DreamPress has seen numerous modifications and enhancements since its initial release in 2013. With frequent updates and updated features, it is now strong enough to compete with other top-tier managed WordPress hosting services.

DreamPress is secure and offers infinite scalability, unmetered bandwidth, and many other features at affordable prices.

Key Features

Free Site Migration: You may effortlessly convert your current WordPress website to DreamPress using DreamPress. Furthermore, this procedure is costless.

  • WordPress Pre-Installed: WordPress is pre-installed on DreamPress right out of the box. You don’t have to be concerned about “one-click instals.”
  • SSD Storage: Solid State Drives (SSDs) are used to store and retrieve all of your data. DreamPress offers SSD storage space of 30GB, 60GB, and 120GB depending on the plan.
  • Dynamic Memory Scaling: This crucial feature enables your WordPress website to handle a massive increase in traffic while still performing at its best. DreamPress calculates the amount of RAM your site requires automatically, ensuring that you can be up no matter what happen.
  • Built-in Caching: To make your site run faster, you don’t need to integrate caching yourself. You may use DreamPress’ built-in caching feature to help your site load faster and more efficiently without any additional effort.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: With its superb customer service, DreamPress ensures that you receive all of the assistance you require. It includes access to world-class WordPress professionals who can assist you with your problems at any time of the day or week. The specialists would guide you through the solutions before taking over and resolving the issues remotely.

Do You Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

It everything boils down to you and your requirements. Small company owners and enterprise / high-traffic websites will benefit from managed WordPress hosting.

If you’re just getting started with your site or hosting a “hobby” site, though, you could be better off going with a cheaper shared hosting company.

These services aren’t as good as managed WordPress hosting, but they’ll suffice for tiny or hobby websites.

You must consider the big picture in this situation. What do you hope to accomplish with your website? What is the most important thing to you? If you plan to develop a lot of traffic to your site rapidly, you should definitely consider a managed host, as it will likely allow for more traffic volume and provide higher reliability for WordPress sites in particular. If you’re just getting started with website development, a managed host can be overkill, and InMotion Hosting might be a better fit.

Our Top Picks For Managed WordPress Hosting

Let’s talk about your finest options if you do need managed WordPress hosting.

Even within the managed WordPress hosting market, there is a lot of variety, so the ideal option for you depends on whether you want the “best of the best” or whether you’re prepared to make some sacrifices to save money.

We recommend starting with one of these three hosts if you want the best of the best:

  1. Stromonic
  2. WP Engine
  3. Kinsta

All three companies are top-notch in terms of performance, dependability, functionality, and support.

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