Many times, we delete our data in our android smartphone. Later, there comes a need for that data. This data can be a photo, audio file, document file or any other data file. Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android In that case, we regret our decision of deleting the data file. In a computer, we can easily restore a deleted file from recycle bin. With a right-click and restore the deleted file will be back to your for use.

But in the case of an Android smartphone, there is no recycle bin. If you document file get deleted on android then you have to redo the same work for creating the same document file. In this case, your precious time will get wasted to redo the work. Surely, you will be thinking if Android has the feature of Recycle Bin then it will be too easy to restore any deleted file.

A backup of your data can provide an instant solution to this problem. But what if you don’t have any backup of the data. Creating the file data again is the only solution. Although Android does not have Recycle Bin features like a computer. But you can bring this features with the help of some recycle bin apps for android.

Here is the list of best recycle bin apps for android.

Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android

Below is the list of some of the recycle bin apps that can easily recover your deleted data on any android device. By using these awesome apps, you just need to follow a simple process and you will have deleted back in your system.

1. Recycle Bin

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidRecycle Bin app is one of best recycle bin app for android phone. It supports most of the third-party file explorers. To send the file in Recycle Bin, just select the file in the file explorer you use. After it, If you want to permanently delete the file then open the Recycle Bin app and select “Permanently Delete The File”. To restore the file, just click on Restore option in Recycle Bin app.

You can even send folders or multiple files directly in Recycle Bin app. Although the app is free, if you want an ads-free experience then you need to go for in-app purchase.


  • Restore file with ease
  • Send folders or multiple files to the Recycle Bin
  • Configure a list of folders and file types

2. Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidDumpster app allows you an easy and quick way to recover and restore video and photo files. Have you accidentally deleted one of your media files? Dumpster is here undelete your media file or any app within a click. It also has some security features along with cloud storage option.

Also, it supports 14 languages. The app can work without internet connection. Dumpster Cloud allows you to backup all deleted files in the cloud. For recovering any app, just enter Dumpster recycle bin and click on the app. It will get recovered.


  • Hassle-free backup of your Android apps, media files & more
  • Restore accidentally deleted pictures
  • Auto Clean
  • Support for 14 languages
  • Cloud Storage
  • No internet connection needed

3. Recycle Master

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidRecycle Master is another excellent app that provides with Recycle Bin feature in your Android device. It effortlessly backup your deleted photos or videos automatically. The app can also instantly retrieve your photos, videos, audios, documents and any type of files.

You can also protect the app with a password so that others can not see what is inside it. One of the best point about this app is that it is completely free. There are no pro features.


  • Automatic Backup of deleted data
  • Lock app with the password
  • Instantly retrieve any of your data
  • All features are free to use

4. GT Trash

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidIf you don’t want to back up your smartphone data regularly then GT Trash is just for you. All of your deleted files will be in the trash and you can recover it anytime. The data that can be recovered include deleted images, videos, audio, contact, documents, SMS and more.

With it, you can also preview images, videos, audio, and archives before getting it recovered. Although you don’t need to root your android phone. But having a rooted android phone will provide a better user experience with this app.


  • Recover deleted data anytime you want
  • Sort and search recovered files
  • No network connection needed
  • Uninstall app including user and system apps
  • Preview the data including images, video, audio and more

5. Google Photos

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidGoogle Photos is a photo gallery app developed by Google. It automatically backup all of your photos and video in the gallery of your smartphone. It helps you to save memory on your android and the android device will run faster. All backup photos and video can be accessed from any device and its website. Along with it, the app automatically creates movies, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos

Also, you can instantly share photos with any of your contacts. Surely it is the best app that will replace the gallery in your smartphone.


  • Free up space
  • Free unlimited storage
  • Advanced Edition
  • Visual Search

6. ES File Explorer

Best Recycle Bin Apps For AndroidES File Explorer is a file manager app for Android. It also acts as a recycle bin apps for android. Although it is standard file manager app with many features. But you can easily activate recycle bin feature in this app. Whenever you delete any file using this app, it will go to recycle bin.

It supports almost every file type. Whenever you are using ES File Explorer, make sure you are using it recycle bin feature for recovering your deleted data.


  • Remote File Access
  • File transfer and explorer
  • Cache cleaner


By using these recycle bin apps for android, you will get similar recycle bin functionality of a computer. Now if you deleted a file and wants to restore it back into your system, just open trash folder & you will find it. Previously it was a complex process to get back your deleted data.

Although there are many recycle bin apps in Google Play Store but above listed are the best recycle bin apps.

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