Best Video Players For Android: These days most of us owns smartphone. Now we use mobile apps to complete any task in our smartphone. Want to book movie tickets? It can be simple done straight from mobile apps. Also, gone are the days when we open our laptop or start our desktop computer to watch any movie or video.

Now watching movie or video is a simple task. We can now watch any video on our smartphones. Whether you want to watch an HD or Full HD video, you can use your smartphone or tablet. These days android smartphones are coming with high-end configuration of software & hardware. You only need a suitable video player app to watch your favorite movies right on your smartphone & tablet.

Best Video Players For Android

Do you know which is the best video player for android mobile operating system. As a good video player is essential to run any video properly in your android smartphone. If you don’y know about any best video player for android, I will tell you about some of the best video players for android. So that you can run any video on your mobile flawlessly.

List Of Best Video Players For Android

Below is the list of some of the best android video players, which you can use on your android smartphone to play or stream online videos.

1. MX Player

Best Video Players For Android

MX Player is my personally favorite android video player of all time. From time, when i bought my first android smartphone, I have been using MX Player. You can download it from Google Play Store for free. Free version of MX Player will render ads. There is a premium version of this video player available which will remove ads rendering.

If you want a complete video player for your android mobile device, MX Player should be your first choice.


  • MX Player can play most of the videos with hardware acceleration.
  • It supports multi-core decoding for best performance of mobile device.
  • Options like Pinch to Zoom, Zoom and PAN are also available in this video player.
  • Option of “Kids Lock” is also via plugin.
  • About all of the subtitle formats are supported.
  • Network Streaming is also available.

One of the best feature I like in MX Player is that the sound quality of any videos in it is awesome.

2. VLC For Android

Best Video Players For Android

VLC For Android is another one of the best video player for android. It is developed by VideoLAN. VideoLAN is also the developer of popular desktop media player called VLC Media Player. VLC For Android is also a free & open source video player which can play most of the multimedia files your through at it.

If you are already a fan of VLC desktop & want an android media player which can play any video file than VLC For Android is best video player for you.


  • You can use it as an audio player for your android device.
  • Plays most of the audio & videos files.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • No need to install any additional codecs.

3. KMPlayer

Best Video Players For Android

KMPlayer is another free video player available for android. It was awarded among top 30 best apps by Google Play in 2014. This app is developed only for today’s smartphone users.


  • It supports most of the video files & HD videos.
  • 30 languages are supported by it.
  • There is features of floating screen in this video player which enables you to multi-task. It means you watch video along with browsing the web.
  • Support all subtitle formats.
  • It can also play videos stored in your Google Drive.

4. BSPlayer

Best Video Players For Android

BSPlayer is another one of the best & free video player for android. In my view, BSPlayer is an all in one video player for android. Some of its prominent features are listed below.


  • Supports multi-core hardware decoding for smooth playback & best performance.
  • Background Playback
  • Supports most of the video formats & network streaming.
  • BSPlayer can play videos from uncompressed RAR files.

5. MoboPlayer

Best Video Players For Android


If you want a video player which can play both online & offline video than you can give MoboPlayer a try. It’s a feature rich video player and can play most of the video formats available.


  • Plays all video formats with software decoding.
  • Supports multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles.
  • Networking streaming supported via HTTP, RTSP protocols.
  • Its 2.0 version supports WIDI and DLNA.


If you are fond of watching movies and videos in HD & Full HD, I recommend you to install one of these video player in your android device. Whether you have an android smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy your favorite movies just by installing one of these apps.

All of these video players are available in Google Play Store for free. Although all of these video players are capable of playing videos on your phone But I will go with MX Player, VLC For Android and KMPlayer. BSPlayer is also a great video player for android.

If you are already using one of these video player in your android device, do let me know about its performance & playback support.

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