If you own macOS based computer then it is essential to keep it free from junk files. Apple has designed its computer operating system to run fast and smoothly. But many times, due to long-term use and build-up of junk files, it gets slow down. It results in sluggish system performance overall.

So what is solution of this problem?

A good mac cleaner and a performance-boosting app will surely be going to fix this issue. Although there are a bunch of Mac cleaner apps available on the web. But BuhoCleaner from Dr. Buho is the best mac cleaner app of all.

What Is BuhoCleaner For Mac

BuhoCleaner is a cleaning app from Dr. Buho that cleans & deletes unwanted files and app traces and makes your Mac super fast. The app boasts a simplified user interface and have only those feature that help in making your Mac faster. It doesn’t have any unnecessary feature. It runs great even in latest macOS version.

The app is highly optimized for Apple M1 chip and delivers 3x processing speed than Intel processors.

Key Features Of BuhoCleaner

1. Easy To Use Interface

The user-interface of the app is simple and easy to use. It does not present you with any unnecessary option that makes the overall experience complicated.

2. One Tap Clean

The BuhoCleaner app cleans the junk data in just one tap. To make this function work properly, the app should be granted with the required permission so that it can scan your entire system properly. It can scan a 500GB SSD in less than a minute.

3. Completely Uninstall Apps

Although you can easily an app to the trash but it does not mean that app has got completely uninstalled. The app leftover data can easily take big chunk of the memory storage. BuhoCleaner can completely uninstall any app along withits leftover data.

4. Large and Duplicate Files Removal

The app allows you to scan the storage for duplicate files and folders. It can also list all your large files in a snap. But you need to carefully remove or delete files at this step as may lose important data.

5. Startup Items Management

Whenever you install any software on your computer, most of them get started and runs in background. It consumes the CPU power and RAM which can result in slow system speed. This app presents you with a list of apps that get started when system starts. You can disable any of them with ease.

6. Tailored Xcode Cache Cleaner 

BuhoCleaner is of great use for those people who use Mac as a dev workstation. In long-term, Xcode and similar tools becomes bloated. With this app, you can delete load of Xcode orphaned simulators.

BuhoCleaner is perfectly for latest macOS Big Sur and runs 3x faster on Apple M1 Chip.

7. Lifetime Updates

One of the best point about BuhoCleaner is that you free lifetime updates on any licence you buy.

How To Get Started With BuhoCleaner

Below are the steps you need to follow to clean your Mac with BuhoCleaner.

1. Download BuhoCleaner. After the download is complete, install it.

2. Launch BuhoCleaner. You can choose between premium version or continue using free version.

3. To start the cleaning process, click on Flash Clean option. Now select scan button. After this, the app will start looking for junk and unwanted files in your system.

4. The software show how much amount of data can be removed from your Mac.

5 .Select the files which you want to remove and click on remove button.

Now you have cleaned the junk files on your Mac and also saved the storage space.


BuhoCleaner comes with affordable pricing options. For 1 Mac, its price is $9.99. Its Family licence is priced at $14.99 for 3 Macs and Business license at $$29.99 for 10 Macs. All of the licence includes 24/7 support. Along within, you get 30-days moneyback guarantee.


Surely, BuhoCleaner is an excellent cleaning app for Mac. The software is well-designed and available at a low price. You can get started with it at just $10. Infact, we highly recommend BuhoCleaner for every Mac user.

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