The majority of VPS Cloud solutions are undervalued. People nowadays prefer managed virtual private servers to cloud-based ones. The VPS cloud is far safer and more convenient. When I read user evaluations and feedback on various hosting firms, I can’t help but note that there aren’t many people that completely understand cloud alternatives.

Perhaps it’s because cloud services are becoming more and more expensive every day, and it’s become a pain in the neck to find cost-effective cloud-based solutions. Even if it isn’t as expensive as renting a dedicated server, many consumers are still hesitant to use it.

Hosting your website on a cloud-based VPS can be just what you need without even realizing it. I offer the ideal solution for all of your clouding requirements. Clouding, a company that specializes in VPS cloud services was just introduced to me. I required cloud items for my website, and they had just what I needed.

Everything you need to know about Clouding is right here.

Is Clouding the greatest VPS host in 2022? That is precisely what we will be talking about in this Clouding review.

Please keep in mind that this is a VPS review. So, if you’re looking for shared hosting, take a look at some of my other articles.

In addition, before writing this article, I utilized Clouding myself. So you may feel assured that everything you read is true.

So, how about we get started?

What Is Clouding is a Spanish company that provides globally self-managed cloud solutions. The company first entered the market in 2016, and the Clouding team has worked tirelessly for the past several years to develop a reputation for itself. The company’s website is available in three languages: Spanish, English, and Catalan.

Clouding is one of the few service providers that offer hourly billing. This implies you’ll pay per hour to use their cloud VPS services.

Furthermore, the user selects the SSD NVMe disk, RAM, and processor, which can be resized at any time. This way, the client is invoiced only for the cloud services he needs, rather than paying for services he may not require.

You should be aware of a number of fascinating characteristics. So, without further ado, let’s look at what Clouding has to offer.

Key Features of Clouding

  • Best quality hardware and software

A corporation that is liberal with the quality of its hardware is more likely to succeed than one that is unconcerned about it. Hardware is the most important factor in determining whether or not a company is reliable. The entire functioning is dependent on the provider’s optimized hardware and software.

Clouding took great care to use the most advanced technology available to ensure that the performance of Cloud VPS is at its peak. The hardware is completely redundant, ensuring high performance. Clouding has built the most effective platform for providing premium services to users. The CPUs provide excellent stability, and the SSD NVMe disc significantly increases speed.

  • Reliable cloud uptime

Clouding’s platform is redundant and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team works around the clock to ensure that your VPS cloud has the greatest possible availability and is never down. Clouding guarantees uptime after installing premium Anti-DDoS protection to reduce the possibility of your servers being shut down due to an attack.

Furthermore, Clouding’s network has minimal latency, implying that the company has partnered with numerous providers in the market to ensure that you get the best performance in terms of availability. The servers are constantly monitored, so if they detect a system malfunction, they can troubleshoot it before it gets out of hand.

  • Highly affordable and billed per hour

Everyone is wary about wasting their money. I’m sure you’d be hesitant to spend money on things that you don’t use to their full potential. When you locate the hosting services you want on the market, you frequently have to pay for full packages that are rarely used. If your website doesn’t demand a lot of RAM or processing power, you’ll end up paying for resources that you don’t need.

Clouding understands this. It is client-focused, allowing users to choose their operating system, RAM, processor, and SSD disc, as well as resize them at any moment. You simply pay for what you require. Nothing else!

  • Backups and restoration

One of the most important tasks you’ll have to complete is securing the data on your cloud servers. Important files, as well as all of the information you save on the cloud, could be lost in a flash if you don’t back it up properly. If you plan to upload any type of data to the Internet, backups are a must-have function. Clouding lets you choose the quantity and frequency of backups for your data.

  • 24/7 customer support

Clouding provides self-managed virtual private server (VPS) cloud services. Not everyone has a wealth of technical knowledge. You’ll need technical support from time to time in order to acquire a handle on the cloud’s capabilities.

The fact that Clouding’s support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answers the majority of your concerns. The team is available to assist you with any questions, requirements, or help you may need.


You can create your own dynamic Cloud VPS by selecting the resources that you need. Plans start at €0.00412/hour (equivalent to €3 per month).

The final cost will be determined by two factors: the resources that you choose and whether or not you change them over time. You can also save money by archiving the server! The archive is a very attractive feature that allows you to pay only for the SSD disc (not RAM and vCores) while the server is archived. You can archive and unarchive your server from your client panel with just a couple of clicks.

My conclusion: A VPS at EUR 3.00 per month? I’m very delighted!. You can start with a small amount and increase as needed!


So, how about we wrap this Clouding review up? When it comes to speed and performance, it’s excellent. Its billing system is extremely adaptable, and the level of customization is incredible.

What about the disadvantages? It is self-managed. This isn’t even a technical issue. That’s how most low-cost VPS servers work. A live-chat feature would undoubtedly improve customer service.

The fact that it offers a completely free trial is the icing on the cake. You can try their cloud platform with a 5€-free balance after registering on their website. This trial has no commitments attached and the registering takes two minutes at the most.

 Since trying it is so easy, why don’t you give it a shot on your own?

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