Are you searching for a PC cleaner that is more effective than the ones you’ve used before? Is it a cleaner that can speed up your PC’s functioning speed as well as your browser speed on your wish list? Here is a review of a fantastic PC cleaner that will meet all of your needs at a very reasonable price.

Introduction To Cyberlab

Cyberlab was founded in 2004 and has come a long way since then.

It is formerly known as Zookaware, is a PC optimizer that removes the garbage data that causes your computer to slow down. It’s regarded as one of the greatest PC cleaners, and it speeds up your computer by removing all garbage files, unwanted programs, tracking cookies, spyware, and other unwanted items.

Cyberlab protects your privacy, eliminates Adware popups, fixes browser issues, and speeds up your computer by freeing up disc space and uninstalling unwanted programs.

Since 2004, Cyberlab has been assisting users all around the world with optimizing and securing their computers. Carl Haugen started it, and it has always been based in the United States.

Over the years, it has created some amazing and wonderful software designs. It also has the privilege of working with a few well-known and notable names in the computer world, such as Microsoft; this is also reflected in their software, which is known as Windows exclusive.

We might also examine Amazon Web Services and Intel in this regard. This project might serve as the company’s first program. We can also consider anti-spyware and SpyZooka, both of which are primarily capable of renewing the industry’s styles and standards, and which have been recognized with honorable prizes and rewards for Cyberlab, which is incredibly commendable.

We can also consider it as one of the better tools as well as unique equipment in its class and rank, which can allow for the detection and removal of registry errors, not only in the user but also for other computer threats, such as DLL errors or browser tracking cookies. It is also recommended as one of the most popular trends for a simple and attractive customer.

Cyberlab also has the unique characteristic of offering its entire program for free in perpetuity, even though we only use it for scanning. All of Cyberlab’s offers are unique and remarkable. Customer service, like that of any other top firm, is vital, important, and up to date.

Key Features Of Cyberlab PC Cleaner

1. Scans can be done manually or automatically

Any security threats to the PC are automatically removed by Cyberlab. Whether it’s spyware or undesirable programs, Cyberlab constantly makes sure the PC has enough disc space. The optimization program also tracks cookies and fixes typical registry issues during these scans.

2. Unwanted Program Removal

Even antivirus software products are unable to remove some unwanted applications. Unwanted apps slow down computers by displaying pop-up adverts, displaying superfluous content, and so on. These troublesome apps are removed by Cyberlab. Every 24 hours, the utility updates its database with new apps, ensuring that PCs are never slow when Cyberlab is installed.

For example, the application includes a real-time Uninstaller Monitor that keeps track of programs after they’ve been uninstalled. Cyberlab tells the user promptly if any residual files are not erased by the uninstaller.

3. Improves Computer Performance & Internet Speed

Many programs inadvertently continue to function in the background, eating internet data. This optimization utility monitors and disables certain programs on a regular basis. The entire browsing experience and system performance will get improved.

4. Resolves Advanced System Issues

The System Report component of Cyberlab is meant to help PCs run as efficiently as possible. No extraneous element, whether hazardous spyware or superfluous browser plugins, ever slows down a PC’s performance when Cyberlab is installed. Any plugin or program that the optimization tool deems to be troublesome is immediately deleted or flagged. The tool’s primary focus is always the PC’s overall health. For example, the Cyberlab registry tune-up utility defrags and optimizes the PC’s registry on a regular basis.

System Report does not distinguish between wanted and unwanted apps, providing experts with a powerful tool for resolving significant PC problems.

5. Timely Updates

Since 2004, Cyberlab has provided a steady stream of free updates. To stay up to speed with the current security dangers, new malware is uploaded to their security database on a daily basis. For example, many PC Optimizer products have recently begun aggressively selling their services via misleading pop-ups and software bundles. Such fraudulent methods are never used by Cyberlab.

Instead, the American optimization tool keeps an eye on these software applications’ dubious actions and your privacy. Many customers of the popular cleaning tool CCleaner, for example, recently complained that the corporation was gathering their data without their permission.

Cyberlab protects your privacy by never monitoring what you do on your computer and never selling or sharing the information you provide.

6. Customer Service

Cyberlab, the company continues to dominate the software market in providing smooth customer care, with average response times of 30 minutes.

Cyberlab Ultimate consumers can contact the company’s customer service team in America for day-to-day assistance via live chats or emails. All user inquiries will be answered within 24 hours or less, according to the corporation.


To begin, we must know about the pricing of Cyberlab, and it is critical to note that licenses are only valid for a year. We can also take the only item that might be added to it in other computers and uses their licenses in it. The standard pricing for Cyberlab PC Cleaner is $29.95 per year, which includes a license for up to 5 computers. For 10 PCs, it costs $59.95 yearly and for 10 PCs the cost is $89.95 yearly. This is a very reasonable and affordable price for a single entire PC optimization solution.

There is a FREE version available for Cyberlab PC Optimizer. Even the free version also gets monthly software updates.

The answer is a big YES! But why is that? The most cost-effective option is Cyberlab Ultimate, which costs $29.95 per year for up to five PCs. Great features, excellent assistance, and well-designed computer security and optimization tool.

Along with it, you will also get a 60-days moneyback guarantee.

As a result, based on my own experience, I strongly recommend Cyberlab to anyone wishing to improve their PC.

Do you still have any hesitations about using Cyberlab software? They have over 450,000 Facebook fans, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, excellent online user evaluations, and have been in business since 2004. They also have great reviews on independent software review sites.

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