As technology is growing in every sector, we need online presentations in our day-to-day projects. Whether you are a student, teacher, blogger, or professional, online presentations are of great use of them.

Previously, we use presentations are mostly used in the corporate sector. But time has changed.

Are you need of a tool that can create presentation and proposal with ease? If yes then keep reading this article. We will tell you about an excellent tool for creating presentation called as “Decktopus”.

What Is Decktopus

Decktopus is an online presentation tool that allows you to create great looking presentation in a very short time. As it is an online tool, you need to download any program. Everything runs in the cloud. The tool helps you in every step of presentation making process. Even a newbies will be able to create a good looking presentation with ease.

Key Features Of Decktopus

Below are some of the key features of the Decktopus tool and what points make this tool better than its competitors.

  • Easy To Use

The tool has an easy-to-use and clean user interface. Navigating through this tool is very easy. It will also guide you in making a presentation.

  • Cloud-Based

Decktopus is a cloud-based tool. It means you need to download any software on your computer. All of your presentation-related work will be done in the cloud.

  • Proessional-Quality Templates

Decktopus provides you with different categories of templates. All of these templates are professionally designed by graphics designers. You can choose the templates for real-estate, software company, business proposal template, spa business and more.

  • Easy Collabration

Decktopus makes it easy to work on a presentation with your co-workers. It will also save a lot of time. Many of your colleagues can provide their input at a given time.

  • Rehersal

We know that Decktopus helps us in making online presentations in a very easy way. Along with it, the tool also helps you in delivering the presentation in a best way. The tool of a set of videos that provides tips on improving your presentation delivery skills.

  • Analytics

With Decktopus Analytics, you can view how many times a documents is viewed and bounce rates of slides. It will helps you taking better business decisions.

  • Excellent Support

The support team of Decktopus can be reached via live chat and email 24/7. It means if you have any issues while creating the online presentation, then just reach out to Decktopus support team. You will get your issue resolved in no time.


Decktopus offers three types of affordable plans for creating online presentations. These three plans are categorised as for create presentations, create proposals and enterprise. Before buying any plan, you can also go for a trial of their service.


Decktopus has all features that are needed to create content-rich and great looking presentations. Along with it, their price are on lower side. We can say Decktopus is an excellent presentaion making tool for both beginners and experts.

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