Blogging is an excellent approach to establish your expertise while also increasing awareness of your brand and company. However, you must share your blog content on social media if you want your blog to be successful. That’s why we’ve created our FS Poster review to assist you!

If you’re like a lot of other bloggers and company owners, you probably write and schedule your blog entries ahead of time. And it’s all too easy to forget to promote your recent blog entries on your Facebook page or Twitter profile when you’re busy.

Fortunately, due to the FS Poster plugin, there is a better solution, and in this piece, we’ll go over what the plugin does, go over its major features, and discuss why you should consider it.

What Is FS-Poster

FS Poster is a WordPress auto-posting plugin that makes it simple to automatically share your blog posts on social media.

You can schedule posts and republish old ones in addition to automatically posting new blog posts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are among the 13 major social networking profiles currently supported by the plugin.

How FS-Poster Works

You’ll need to connect your social network accounts after you’ve installed and activated the plugin. To allow the plugin access to your social network profile, simply click on the relevant social media platform, click Add Account, and follow the prompts. It’s simple and quick.

Why You Should Use An Auto-Posting Plugin For WordPress

By automatically distributing your newly written pieces, an auto-posting plugin for WordPress can help you save time. It also allows you to create a posting schedule where you may reshare your previously published blog content, which will help you maintain a constant social media presence.

Another advantage of using this plugin is that you may schedule posts to be shared on a regular basis, allowing new followers to see your older content. That way, even if you don’t actively share content on social media for a day or two, your profiles will remain active and bring visitors to your WordPress website.

Finally, the more posts you share from your site, the more social networking sites will link to you, especially if your fans and followers start resharing your content. This can help improve your site’s SEO, which will lead to a rise in the number of visitors and leads.

FS Poster Key Features

1. Auto-Post New Blog Posts

The ability to automatically post a new blog article to your connected social media profiles is the most significant feature of the FS Poster plugin. You simply need to write the blog post, as usual, then publish it or schedule it for later. You can choose which social media networks you’d want to share your newly published post on while scheduling your post.

The FS Poster plugin lets you simultaneously publish blog posts, pages, goods, and custom post kinds to 13 different social networking platforms. This means you won’t miss out on a platform or end up not sharing your message at all.

2. Schedule Posts

FS Poster has built-in scheduling options that allow you to organize your content on a timetable. There is no limit to how many posts you can schedule for your social media pages, so they will stay active even if you aren’t around to manually distribute the content.

You can choose to share specific categories or to schedule and share all of your blog articles, independent of category, using the FS Poster scheduling module. The plugin lets you distribute your posts once or on a regular basis. This enables you to fine-tune how your posts are shared, as well as how frequently a certain category is shared.

3. Direct Share Panel

The Direct Share panel is a useful feature since it allows you to share content without having to create a blog post or a page in WordPress. You can use it to post general updates, queries, quotes, or any other form of content that you would normally post on social network pages.

This adds variation to your publishing schedule. You can upload a picture, write a custom post message, and include a specific link for each post you want to share directly. You can then choose whether to publish the post right away, save it for later, or schedule it.

After you’ve finished adding content, you’ll be able to see all of your saved articles in the panel, allowing you to conveniently re-share them in the future.

4. URL Settings

Resharing the same post is often perceived as duplicate material, which is one of the issues with many social media scheduling programs. If your post is flagged as a duplicate on a platform like Twitter or Facebook, it will be removed.

To eliminate duplicate material, FS Poster allows you to generate a random link for each post every time it is shared.

You may also manually generate a unique link for each post and adjust the URL parameters by including a network name, a unique post ID, an account name, and other characteristics.

FS Poster now allows you to utilize a URL shortener provider like TinyURL or Bitly to create short URLs for your articles automatically.

5. Unlimited Social Media Network

You may add an unlimited number of social media accounts, pages, groups, and communities to each social platform using social media scheduling software, and it will automatically post to all of them.

6. Insights

The FS Poster plugin provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to check how many times your posts have been shared and how many clicks you’ve received. Each day, month, and year’s insights are displayed, as well as clicks from schedules.

This allows you to customize the schedule and choose which posts should be shared and which should be removed if they aren’t generating enough interest.

FS Poster Pricing

FS Poster is a paid plugin that can be found on CodeCanyon. Currently, the plugin is available for $45 and includes six months of support and upgrades. For an extra $15, you can extend the support period to 12 months.

In addition to helping, the plugin’s writers have a comprehensive manual section that will lead you through the setup and configuration process. Their website also has a FAQ area that will assist you in troubleshooting any issues you may have with the plugin.


If you want to increase traffic to your website, you must share your blog content. However, sharing them just once isn’t enough. If you want those links to work, you’ll have to share the posts many times. A plugin like FS Poster saves you time by automatically publishing fresh content and enables you to reshare them on a regular basis.

Overall, FS Poster is a fantastic plugin that will assist you in maintaining an active social media presence while also allowing you to spend more time communicating with your followers and industry influencers.

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