Do you want to delete your Twitter account? If yes, then you need to keep reading this article.

Twitter can be a great source of information, debates, breaking news, and much more. It is an excellent online platform for both individuals and businesses. But there are times when it gets overwhelmed or becomes addictive. In that case, we can think of deleting the Twitter account.

Many of us get tired of using social media platforms and waste our precious time on them. Like many people get addicted to Instagram just delete Instagram account with ease.

Similarly, you can delete your Twitter account and live life without any notifications from Twitter.

Before deleting your account, Twitter will deactivate your account and after 30-days it will get deleted permanently. Within 30 days of deactivation, you can reactivate the account. All of your Twitter will get deleted after 30-days and you will not be able to reactivate it.

Delete Twitter Account On Desktop

To delete a Twitter account on a desktop, you need to follow the below-listed steps. Let’s proceed and know about the steps.

1. Goto and login into your account.

2. Click on “more” button on left and in the menu click “Settings and privacy”.

3. Under “Your Account” section, click on Deactivate your account at the bottom.

4. Scroll to the bottom and click Deactivate.

5. Now enter your password and click Deactivate button.

After deactivating your account, your Twitter username, display name and profile will not be viewable on Twitter.

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