Amongst the many useful features and apps offered by Apple, Notes helps you keep organized. Whether you want to keep track of your ongoing project tasks, online classes, or professional meetings, the Notes app is a tool that allows you to type in everything and store it digitally.

Sometimes, you may find that some of the notes are deleted either accidentally or intentionally, and you want to recover them. If you too use the Notes app for noting down important information and searching about how to find deleted notes on Mac, this article is for you. 

Quick Synopsis to Notes App

The app is designed to help users quickly jot down some creative ideas or important details about something they have come across. You can even add images, links, files, and live recordings to the notes and share them with others in real-time.

If you are using Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, all your notes can sync seamlessly, given that all the devices are running on the same Apple ID. So, even if you have added a note to your iPad and do not have it with you at the moment, you can have a look at your recent notes on your iPhone. 

You can even capture a screenshot of your notes by using a built-in snipping tool or a professional app. This will help you to save your important notes in an image format for quick access. If you are still wondering about how to use snipping tool on Mac, it’s easy and you can do it by pressing Command + Shift + 2 keys altogether. 

Where Do Macs Store Notes?

For better security, Mac gives you two different ways to save all your data – Hard drive storage and Cloud storage. When stored on a hard drive, the notes become device-specific. You can only view them on a particular device on which you have created them. 

On the other hand, when data is stored on iCloud, which is Apple’s proprietary Cloud data storage service, you can view it on any device, anywhere, and anytime. All you need is to log in to your iCloud ID. There are some of the best note-taking apps available out there, and you can use one for efficiency. 

Where Do Deleted Notes Go?

After deleting a note which was on the MacBook, the file goes to the Recently Deleted folder. Users can check the notes and restore them from the folder within 30 days from deletion. 

If you have stored notes on iCloud, the deleted notes will move to the Recently Deleted folder of your account. The notes will be removed from all the devices after 30 days. 

On deleting notes from an iCloud account, you can still recover them for up to 40 days. After that, the deleted notes get permanently removed from all the devices. 

If any of your notes are password protected or locked, you will have to enter a password to delete them permanently from the device. 

Recover Recently Deleted Notes on Mac

If you have deleted a note on your Mac and realized that you need it, you can recover it in a few simple steps. Here’s a quick guide on how to find deleted notes on Mac. 

Open the Notes app on Mac, go to the Recently Deleted folder and select the note that you want to recover. 

Next, perform one of the following:

  • Recover recently deleted notes by dragging them from the Recently Deleted folder to any other folder in the sidebar. 
  • Remove a recently deleted note from the device by clicking the Delete button or pressing down the Delete key on your keyboard. 
  • Permanently delete a recently deleted note by opening the note and then deleting or replacing all its contents. 

Recover Notes with Time Machine

Apple’s proprietary backup utility, Time Machine, is another potential way to recover deleted notes on Mac. Time Machine backs up data, including messages, files, contacts, calendars, documents, memos, notes, and other items. 

If you have enabled Time Machine backup, you can recover all your deleted notes from the backup media connected to your Mac. That’s certainly one of the best ways to get your notes back in their original structure without compromising data stored within.. 

Recover Deleted Notes From iCloud

As mentioned above, Mac stores data either on a physical storage drive or iCloud. You can recover data from iCloud and restore it on your computer in a few simple steps. Before you start the restore process, make sure to turn off iCloud sync capabilities. 

Go to System Preferences, tap on iCloud available at the bottom and uncheck the checkbox displayed with Notes. Visit iCloud, log in using your Apple ID, and open Notes within iCloud’s interface. Now select the deleted notes and click Recover to store them back on your Mac. 

The Conclusion

Notes app is useful for everyone, including students, professionals, and home users. Creating a note on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is easy while recovering them is a straightforward process if you have deleted any of them recently.

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