How To Fix A Slow Computer? It is one of the trending question on the internet and many computer users eagerly want to know about the ways to fix a slow computer. Before fixing a slow PC, you should be aware about the reasons for slow performance of computer. You have to find the exact reason for the slowness of system before proceeding to fix that.

How To Fix A Slow Computer

Let’s we focus on the ways to fix a slow computer.

How To Fix A Slow Computer: SureFire Tips

1. Run Only Required Programs: Fix Slow Computer On Windows 7

If you want to run your computer at optimal speed then you should open only those programs which are required at that moment. For e.g If you are surfing the web on Mozilla Firefox web browser then your main focus should be on web browsing. You can open other program but only when you need.

By doing this, your system will consume minimum memory and CPU usage. If your system runs many unwanted programs at give moment, it will cause slow down of system probably.

2. Keep It Cool

Overheating is also a cause of slow computer performance. You need to prevent overheating as much as possible. Whenever we run system for a long time or do a CPU intensive task like watching HD movie then CPU generates more heat than normal. It will cause temperature of processor to go up and cause slowness in processing of instructions by CPU.

Though modern computer systems and their CPU are built as to reduce the generation of heat as much as possible. But we should prevent overheating causes from our side. If you own a laptop then its better to use a Cooling Pad to cool down the inside area of laptop.

Desktop computers should be placed at a ventilated place. If possible make desktop computer room fully air conditioned.

3. Increase RAM Size

If you wants to get better speed from your computer, its highly recommended to increase the RAM size. Random Access Memory plays an important role in defining the speed of a computer system. For e.g. if your computer have a great CPU like but RAM is very low like 512MB, performance of system will remain low.

A better CPU alone can not make the system speedier. In fact CPU is like a car which can run at maximum speed of 200 kmph and RAM is like width and efficiency of road on which that car will run. That can not run at its highest speed if the road don’t have proper width and maintained.

So you need to increase the size of RAM in order to get most out of your system. Its highly recommended to install 64-bit operating system, if your system have 4GB or more RAM.

4. Install An Antivirus And Scan

An Antivirus is a must have software for every computer system. It protects our computer from malware infection. Malwares are quite dangerous for our PC and can make our system to crawl. You should secure system with a reputed antivirus. If you can not pay for antivirus there are many decent free antivirus you can opt for.

After installing the antivirus software, make sure you update its virus definitions. After that run a full system scan to detect any potential malware.

5. Run Disk Defragmentation

Disk Defragmentaion can make your programs on that hard drive to run at better speed. It increases the efficiency of that hard disk. In order to run disk defragmentation go to My Computer > Right click on any disk drive you want to optimize > Select Properties > Tools > Click On defragment Now.

The process will first analyze that hard disk drive after that defragmentation process will start.

6. Uninstall Unneeded Software

You should keep only those softwares installed which are required for you and system. Most of the brand new computers comes with many unwanted and trail based software preinstalled. You need to uninstall them as they consumes memory and cpu usage in background thus slowing down PC.

For uninstalling any program, you can go to Star Menu > Control Panel > Program and Features. You need to choose the program which you need to uninstall.

7. Install CCleaner

CCleaner is great software and its highly recommended to install on every computer system. It efficiently cleans every trace of temporary files from system and make it feel lighter and faster. Temporary files can cause negative effects on system performance.

It also scans system registry and fixes any error & cluttered registries in system. CCleaner also allows you to control programs on startup.

8. Go For SSD (Solid State Drive): Fix Slow Computer On Windows 8

Solid State Drives are very faster than traditional hard disk drives. You can updated you computer to Solid State Drive but SSDs are quite expensive.

SSD can give 100 times better speed than HDD. Your system will boot in fraction of second on an SSD. Most of MacBook and Ultrabooks comes with SSDs in order to get best performance from system. You can fix slow computer on Windows 8 and Windows 7 by using SSD.

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From Microsoft: Fix Windows system performance problems on slow Windows computers

9. Clean Out Dust From System

You need to keep your PC in good condition to make it running at its top speed. Cleaning of system is a part of maintenance. Most of the users are unaware about this points. As time goes, inside our system dust got settled. If on cooling fan dust settled, it will prevent fan from preventing heating thus causing slowness.

You can use a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the dust inside CPU cabinet. This applies when you have a desktop computer. Before cleaning, make sure all cables from mains are disconnected.

10. Miscellaneous Tips

  • You should keep every device drivers and software in system updated. Most of the latest version of every program contains bug fixes.
  • Use Genuine Sofwares like operating system and antivirus. Make sure you purchased it from authorized vendors. Genuine softwares are include all original codes developed by company.
  • Keep your operating system updated.
  • Use SATA connectors with SSD storage
  • Increase hard drive storage if it is getting lower day by day.
  • If you computer got too old then its better to but a New PC, instead doing maintenance work.
  • Keep your desktop wallpaper simple and use minimum widgets.
  • Use less addons in web browser.

Conclusion: Now Fix Slow Computer For Free

So these are the best tips for users question of How to fix a slow computer. You can apply these tips on any operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 & 8.1. These tips even can fix your slow internet problem.

Most of these tips are free and will not cause you a penny. But some of these will require you to invest some money. So make sure you have enough money in your pocket.

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