Every small company owner understands the value of having CRM software that can keep up with their changing demands. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the most up-to-date information about CRMs so you can select the one that’s right for you.

Which one should you select amongst Hubspot, and EngageBay? You might be surprised by the answer!

HubSpot is an excellent option; it provides excellent sales and marketing automation capabilities like as lead management, lead scoring, and customer segmentation techniques, among other things.

EngageBay is an all-in-one solution that includes an integrated CRM, sales and marketing bay, live chat, full-featured customer care capabilities, and workflow automation.

Choosing the best CRM software is a difficult undertaking. As a result, we’ve gone through the following in great detail:

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot CRM: The HubSpot CRM software is free to use, but not when combined with additional products or capabilities that you (will) require.

HubSpot Marketing: For 1,000 contacts, it starts at only $50 a month per user. It’s safe to assume that this is more of a demo, with only the most basic functionality. You’ll need at least the Professional plan for company development, which starts at $890 per month for 2,000 contacts and is payable yearly. The Enterprise package, which includes 10,000 contacts, costs $3,200 per month.

All three marketing hub options include free CRM integration.

HubSpot Bundles: This tool allows you to design your own bundles, which is fantastic. Another plus is that the CRM Suite Starter subscription, which includes basic marketing, sales, support, and operations functions, is only $50 per month. This is for 1,000 contacts only, once again. The Professional plan costs $1,780 per month for 2,000 contacts. The Enterprise bundle costs $4,000 per month if you have 10,000 contacts and need all of the premium capabilities.

High businesses with large marketing budgets will benefit from HubSpot CRM software. CocaCola has a $2 billion marketing spend each year, but most small firms do not have that luxury.

Aside from the exorbitant fee, HubSpot CRM spoils the fun in another way: you can’t opt out of an annual commitment. All plans come with annual costs that must be paid whether or not the programme is used.

We’ve arrived at EngageBay as a result of this.

There are no such promises made here. For the free trial, we don’t even require your credit card information.

You can utilise EngageBay’s full package for free indefinitely if you have less than 15 members and don’t need more than 1,000 branded emails each month.

Pricing at EngageBay

EngageBay CRM is free to use forever. The CRM is free to use and integrates with any other product you purchase. This is also true for Live Chat and Help Desk.
EngageBay Marketing: If you want to try it out for 500 contacts and send 1,000 branded emails every month, it’s free. Video marketing, Live Chat, email templates, email sequences & broadcasts, and lead grabbers are all included in the free forever plan. For $10.39 per user per month, payable annually, the Basic plan allows you to send 2,500 branded emails per month. Lead scoring and SMS marketing are now included. The Growth plan is $19.99 and the Pro plan costs $39.99 for advanced features.

A free integrated CRM system is included with each of the four marketing programms.

All-in-One EngageBay: 

One of the best things about EngageBay is that you can get the whole bundle for a very low price. For 500 contacts, you can use it for free forever, and for 1,000 contacts, you can pay $11.99 per month for the Basic plan. The Growth plan is 39.99 per month for up to 50,000 contacts, and for $63.99 per month, you can have unlimited contacts and send 50,000 branded emails every month.

Although the plans are billed annually, you can pay month to month and cancel at any time. A 40% discount is available on biennial plans. The Pro package provides you with a dedicated account manager for any product.

We’re confident you’ll agree that EngageBay is a good value for money alternative. The goal of this programme is to assist small firms in rapidly expanding without breaking the bank.

Winner: EngageBay

HubSpot vs EngageBay: Features

Both marketing automation and CRM software can help you expand your business without having to hire extra employees. The features they offer will be identical in this context, however, the package will differ.

You may expect lead generation and management tools, automated email campaigns, drag-and-drop landing page builders, video marketing and social ads, and other features.


HubSpot CRM software is more of a sales CRM booster, and it’s used by large companies to assist with sales automation and other features. Hubspot offers the following tools, as well as more complex solutions for specific business needs.

Bots that converse
In-app calling and live chat
Notifications of email opens and clicks
Dashboard for reporting
App for mobile devices
Integration with Salesforce
Reporting on health via email
Lead score that is predictive
Workflows can be automated.
Intelligence in conversation
Analysis of the productivity of customer service representatives
A/B testing of video hosting and management
Integration with Google Search Console
Support for AMP on custom domains for blogs Website themes
SEO Suggestions


With a unified and simple approach to all things CRM, EngageBay comes to the rescue of small enterprises. Our packages include a free CRM for life, and our pricing is extremely flexible, especially for startups and small businesses.

As a result, EngageBay is a great alternative to Hubspot.

Simply select the features you want to utilize and how many contacts and company users you have, and we’ll calculate how much money you can save.


Integration with Gmail and Outlook
Telephony within the app
Help Desk & Live Chat
Calendar and appointment scheduling in the app
Management of social media
Lead score that is predictive
Email campaign automation
Drip campaigns, email sequences, and broadcasts
Email SMS marketing delivery dependent on the timezone
A/B testing of email templates and landing sites for video marketing
In-line forms with a drag-and-drop builder, as well as web popup forms
Revenue and project management in many currencies
Recordings of calls and scripts
Sales management and lead generating
Autoresponders and canned responses
Customers and deals from every angle
Notifications via desktop and push
Ticket management and service macros

We can easily say that EngageBay has a lot of sales, marketing, customer service, and employee management features.

In fact, the vast majority of our user reviews remark discovering far more features than they anticipated.

This makes EngageBay the most cost-effective and feature-rich sales and marketing platform with integrated CRM — and a superb alternative to HubSpot. If you don’t believe us yet, you can try the free edition.

Winner: EngageBay

Conclusion: HubSpot vs EngageBay

In our finding, EngageBay wins in both features and pricing. For both personal and business, we find EngageBay is of great use and value.

So the clear winner of this comparison is EngageBay.

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