How To Increase Laptop Battery Life: Most of us today owns mobile devices like smartphone, tablet and laptop. Laptop is a vital computer with mobility. These Laptops has got the place in many places like shops, offices, home, malls and many others areas. We perform many important task on our precious laptop. These tasks include doing our office work, watching presentations, sending and receiving emails, graphics designing, internet surfing, watching movies, online video streaming, playing games and much more.

In this between, Laptop battery will play an important role in dong our day-to-day tasks on laptop. Most of us don’t know about how to increase or maximize laptop battery life and they are still adjusting their work on a laptop with low battery life.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

Imagine a situation you are in an airport and doing your important office work on your laptop which is running on battery. Your laptop is consuming battery juice at very high-speed and you have abandon your important work due to low battery. At that important you will know the importance of battery life.

In this article, there are few tips which will let you get most out of your laptop’s battery. If you will apply these tips your laptop battery life will increase for sure.

Though laptop battery life is still depend on usage of that laptop but if you will follow below tips in proper way, you will surely save laptop battery life.

Let’s proceed deeper in process of maximum juice out of laptop battery.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life: Tips & Tricks

Below are the tips to maximize battery life of laptop. You can apply these tips on laptop of all brand like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Acer and more.

1. Adjust Screen Brightness: Extend Laptop Battery Life

It is one of the best way to increase laptop battery life. Screen of any laptop is the biggest battery drainer among all component. In fact in most of the digital mobile devices like smartphone & tablet screen brightness is much responsible for battery life. You have to adjust your laptop screen’s battery life in order to get more battery juice.

You have to decrease laptop screen brightness. To do this just press the fn button and brightness button simultaneously. To save laptop battery life, you have to keep laptop screen brightness level low. If your battery charge is low and you want to do some important task, just reduce the screen brightness level to its lowest.

Another easy way to adjust screen brightness, Click on battery icon in system tray > Adjust screen brightness. A new Windows will open in which you can adjust screen brightness. If want to get maximum battery life, you can choose for Power Saver plan but it will reduce the performance of laptop on battery.

2. Keep Laptop Cool

After continuous usage, laptop from its inside generates heat. Due to this heat, CPU becomes slow and takes more power to process any task. So you should keep your laptop cool in most condition. For this, you should keep that laptop at a ventilated place. Using a cooling pad is highly recommended to keep your laptop cool. It will prevent the laptop from getting overheated. Thus making laptop cooler and also increases laptop speed.

While using laptop you should not put that on any pillow or bed as it will block air flow between it air vent and cause heating.

3. Battery Maintenance: Improve Laptop Battery Life

If you have recently purchased a new laptop or put a brand new battery in laptop then make note to maintain the laptop battery. To perform battery maintenance you should remove the battery and clean up the dust. If you use laptop mostly from home or one place, It is highly recommended to discharge the battery properly once in 10 days and then recharge it fully.

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4. Uninstall Unwanted Program

Right now, go to your laptop windows control panel and check for any unwanted program in programs and features. If you found any unwanted software installed, uninstall that software. Many times you are not aware of some program which are unnecessarily consuming system resources without any need. These types of program will be called unwanted programs for you.

If these unwanted programs regularly consumes CPU usage, it will result in more battery consumption. So you should remove these type of software.

Also you can go to task manager to check which programs are consuming system resources.

5. Stop Unnecessary Services

Most of the today’s laptop have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These radio services consumes power resources. So in order to save laptop battery life, disable or stop these radio services. You should only enable these services when you need them and disable them accordingly.

6. Unplug External Devices Which Are Not In Use

External devices like mouse, pendrive, datacard, webcam etc also consumes battery juice. So should unplug all that external devices which are not in use. For e.g, if you are surfing the web with datacard inserting in a USB port then its viable. But if you are not using internet but your laptop is connected to internet via datacard then it will consume battery juice without any need.

One more point should be noted that In order to save battery life, run CD/DVD only when laptop is plugged in an outlet.

7. Stop Multitasking

It is wise to avoid multitasking when you are running laptop on battery. Doing multitasking when you are on battery, will consume battery juice very fast. So if you are surfing just focus on that avoid any other task.

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8. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Use Intel Speed Step technology, if processor allows it. It is a power-saving feature developed by Intel for its core processors.
  • It is recommended to use Balanced power plan to have balance between power & performance.
  • Use a laptop with latest Intel core processors. Latest Intel core processors are known for providing long battery life.
  • Keep every software updated.
  • Install latest recommended drivers of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
  • Use only that media player which decodes high quality videos with GPU and let CPU to be free. This will save battery life when watching videos.
  • Keep your laptop dust free so that dust do not block ventilation fans.
  • Use Laptop’s touchpad instead of mouse.
  • Use only recommended original battery for any laptop

Conclusion: Now Maximize Laptop Battery Life

By applying these above tips you sure to have a laptop with longer battery life. On a newly purchased laptop these tips will give better result in short time. Also don’t expect to have improved battery life with battery which is about to die.

If know about any other tip to increase battery life, you are welcomed in comment section.

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