Finding email leads can be time-consuming and difficult.

There isn’t a day that goes by that a sales team doesn’t ask marketing for assistance in finding new leads. Finding people who are interested enough to buy, whether B2B or B2C, is difficult. Fortunately, there are numerous technologies available to assist marketers in transforming data into insight and insight into actionable data. You can now use Kendo Email Finder to seek out new consumers and figure out how to best communicate with them via email with just one click of a button.

Kendo assists you in locating and verifying corporate and personal email addresses so that you can interact with the appropriate people for your company.

What is Kendo Email Finder?

What is Kendo Email Finder and how does it work? To begin with, Kendo Email Finder is an email finder and email validator application that allows you to search for email addresses by domain. … Kendo Email Finder may also be used to find email addresses for companies and/or individuals using their LinkedIn profiles.

Kendo Email Finder will locate, validate, and save leads with enhanced information such as name, role, company, and email addresses. With a simple click, their free LinkedIn email finder browser addon will locate contact enriched data. Recruiter, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn are all supported.

Kendo Product and Features

  • LinkedIn Email Finder

With a simple click, the Kendo email finder will let you find an email address and phone number from LinkedIn profiles. Kendo’s chrome extension is compatible with LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. With Kendo, you can effortlessly reach out to 750 million+ Linkedin members. When you sign up, you’ll get 50 free credits to use to find prospects’ email addresses.

  • Instagram Email Finder

You may locate an email address on Instagram using Kendo email finder. Simply search for prospects’ relevant hashtags and email addresses on Instagram.

By just entering one or more hashtags, you may automate the entire procedure. It will give you information on your prospects, such as their email address, company name, website, amount of followers, and more.

  • Bulk Email Finder

By simply uploading a list of prospects into your Kendo account, you may find email addresses in bulk. It will offer you prospects legitimate email addresses and phone numbers. It supports CSV, Excel, and JSON files and has an easy export option.

You may also use API cal to discover any professional’s email address.

  • Domain Email Search

You may find any company’s email address using a domain search. Simply type in the company URL to retrieve all of the personnel details. Use it for your email campaign after filtering it according to your needs.

When you don’t get contact on LinkedIn or Instagram, this is an extremely valuable feature. Make the most of this tool to increase the number of people you can contact.

  • Free Email Verification

In addition, Kendo provides an email verification service. To avoid bounces, double-check your email address. Kendo’s email validator filters out invalid, spam trap, and undeliverable emails from your list, ensuring that it is as accurate as possible. For a limited time, you can verify up to 100 email addresses for free.

  • Company Enrichment

This is one of Kendo’s most effective characteristics. Simply type the name of a potential client’s company in the search box to get detailed company information, including name, job title, website, email address, phone number, revenue, location, social networks, and more.

This is the simplest method for generating new leads, and it saves your sales and marketing teams a lot of time. They may spend more time generating better and more compelling content instead of looking for fresh leads.

  • Automate LeadGen

With Kendo, you can automate the lead creation process. You can automate the entire process, from sourcing new leads to confirming email addresses.

  • Integration

HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier, Salesforce, Chrome, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesflare, Recruitee, and other CRM software are all easily integrated with Kendo.

Kendo Pricing

Kendo has a reasonable cost structure, so any company may afford a powerful email-finding tool for lead generation. Choose your package based on your company’s requirements and begin using Kendo to generate new leads and customers.

Kendo’s free plan comes you 50 free credits each month to identify and verify up to 100 emails.

For $14 per month, you will receive 600 credits every month, allowing you to find 600 emails and phone numbers, conduct 300 domain searches, and verify up to 30,000 emails.

For $29 per month, you’ll get 1500 credits per month, allowing you to find 1500 emails and phone numbers, 750 domain searches, and verify up to 30,000 emails.

This is the most popular option. For $59 per month, you’ll get 5000 credits each month, allowing you to find 5000 emails and phone numbers, 2500 domain searches, and verify up to 30,000 emails.

For $99 per month, you’ll get 10,000 credits every month, allowing you to find 10,000 emails and phone numbers, perform 5000 domain searches, and verify up to 30,000 emails.

On the yearly plan, Kendo Email Finder gives a 15% discount. To get additional discounts and locate more leads, sign up for the yearly plan.

Customer Support

Excellent service is always complemented by good software. Kendo does a fantastic job with this element. Kendo’s speedy live chat help can address the majority of your inquiries about the Chrome extension and other features.


Overall, Kendo Email Finder is an AMAZING TOOL that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are a one-man/woman team with no time or money to recruit further aid.

Kendo Email Finder is a fantastic lead generation and email marketing tool. It cuts the time it takes to discover qualified leads in half and streamlines the entire outreach process. You only need to install the Chrome extension and subscribe to one of their plans. There’s no excuse not to try Kendo Email Finder, especially since they have a forever-free plan.

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