Are you looking for a new way to get connected with your customers? If yes then you should know about Facebook Messenger Marketing. Over 1.3 Billion Facebook Messenger users use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis to chat with their friends and colleagues.

But Messenger can also be used by businesses to communicate with your customers and can bring more sales and leads to your business. According to Facebook, there are more than 2 billion messages sent on their messaging platform each month between people and businesses alone.

Messenger Marketing helps you to connect with your customers and develop a two-way relationship in a conversational way which is not possible in traditional email marketing, offering:

  • Super High Visibility: Significantly better open rates and than email marketing.
  • Two-way communication: Much better engagement than email because you can automatically reply to user questions.

In this post, we will tell you about the World’s most popular Facebook messenger marketing platform, MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey Review: What Is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey was founded by Larry Kim in 2017. It’s the world’s best Facebook Messenger marketing platform. With it, you can connect with customers on the messenger chat platform. It allows you to easily build chatbots and execute marketing automation. For this, you don’t have to write a line of code.

MobileMonkey provides powerful chatbot-building tools that allow marketers to do different tasks including chat blasting, drip campaigns, and list building in Messenger. In this review of MobileMonkey, we’ll cover the key features, pricing, and our recommendation.

  • Super Easy-To-Use Chatbot Builder

With MobileMonkey Chatbot Builder, you can build interactive chatbots that generate and qualify leads. Also, no coding is required in this task. You can choose from chat widgets for images, animated GIFs. The widget can be used just by drag and drop.

Also, trigger keywords for messenger can also be set with ease. Different chat templates are available that helps you to build a chatbot with ease.

  • MobileMonkey Chat Blaster

The MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster is like an email marketing tool but sends out messages to your subscribers via messenger instead. This increases the open rate of your content by up to 10x compared to an email blast.

With its interactive chat blast builder, you can create and send Facebook Messenger blasts in a few minutes. It also allows you to do immediate or scheduled Facebook messenger chat blasting. You will also get marketing stats on chat blasting.

  • Best Facebook Messenger Ads Conversion Rate

Messenger Ads are high-converting ads. Along with it, these ads are also mobile-friendly. One of the key benefits of it is you get the contact info of all of everyone.

MobileMonkey integrates Facebook Messenger Ads on its platform. It provides support for different Facebook ads formats including Sponsored Messaging and Facebook Click to Message Ads, for maximum conversion rate.

  • Facebook Comment Guard

MobileMonkey has an excellent feature for list building. It’s called Facebook “Comment Guard”. It allows you to build your Facebook messenger contact list. It adds engagement to what you’re doing on Facebook already. Also, you can increase engagement on the promoted posts.

All you need is to create the Facebook post autoresponder content and add it to a Facebook post. In simple words, we can say that it turns engagements into leads and contacts.

  • Live Chat Widget for your Website

MobileMonkey has one of the best website live chat widgets. It provides you with benefits like 24/7 instant response, low-cost, mobile-friendly, and more. With it, visitors get an instant response with no delay.

In fact, it is also beneficial for future marketing communications. Any conversation in messenger can become a contact for future marketing. This feature is also available as a WordPress chatbot plug-in, known as “wp-chatbot”, and is the most popular chatbot on all of WordPress.

  • Integrations

MobileMonkey can be connected to different business apps. It includes CRM software like Salesforce and HubSpot. The email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp and Constant Contact, and more.

  • Advanced AI for Natural Language Processing

A key feature of MobileMonkey that differentiates itself from other chatbot tools is a built-in AI for processing user conversations providing the ability to automatically respond to frequently asked questions.

  • Excellent Customer Support

MobileMonkey’s customer support team is very helpful and responsive. Their team is available 24/7 to help you. Also, there are many chatbot training videos and chatbot marketing tutorials are available on their website to help you in using MobileMonkey.

MobileMonkey Review: Conclusion

After analyzing all the features of the MobileMonkey platform as a chatbot software, we can confirm that MobileMonkey is indeed the world’s best, offering a comprehensive and unique list of easy-to-use features for omnichat chatbot software,.

Moreover, its affordable price and excellent support, and commitment to chatbot marketing training make it worth your money.

Also, there is a free trial of the mobilemonkey chatbot builder to try. We highly recommend MobileMonkey as your chatbot marketing platform.

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