Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World: There are many companies in the world which are known for creating innovative products. Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of tech company Apple known for creating innovative products like iPhone & iPad and have changed the world. There are many other great innovators like Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg.

Although many companies in this world developed innovative products but in this post we will talk about tech companies. These days most of innovation are going in tech industry. Most of these companies are globally established.

Let’s know about which tech companies are most innovative in the world.

List Of Top 10 Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Below are the list of most innovative tech companies in the world. Most of these companies are from digital world including computer, mobile and internet.

1. Apple

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Apple Inc. is no.1 innovative tech company and the biggest player in tech industry. It is headquarter in Cupertino, California. The company is vastly popular for their iPhone, iPad and MacBook. They also provide some online service like iTunes, iCloud and App store. They also developed software like Mac OS X (OS for their Computer), iOS (OS for iPhone) and web browser called Apple Safari. All of their products are deeply integrated to their software and hardware. Some of the records of Apple are given below:

  • First U.S. company to be valued at over $700 billion
  • 72,800 full-time employees working in 437 retails stores across 15 countries
  • Apple is the world’s most valuable brand with high brand loyalty.
  • 3rd largest mobile phone vendor in the world

Apple’s most popular product is iPhone which is a high-end smartphone and quite expensive. Apple’s product are so popular and luxurious that many people buy their products just to show-off. This iPhone because of its great design and exclusive features. Steve Jobs was the main person to innovating the iPhone

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2. Facebook

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

These days, if you don’t know about the term “Facebook” then there is surely the need of updating your knowledge. Facebook is a social networking service developed by Mark Zukerberg in 2004. Mark Zukerberg is the founder of social networking company, Facebook. Today, it’s very difficult to find a person who do not own a Facebook account.

Facebook has removed the limits of communication by bringing all world at a single. With it, you can easily chat and message to your friends and love ones. In fact, Facebook has given the birth to new disorder called social media addiction. It seems funny. But true. People are highly addicted to this social networking site.

Number of users on Facebook are increasing day by day and has reached to 1.4 billion monthly active users. Most of the business uses Facebook to market their products online. There is no doubt on it that Facebook is one of the most innovative tech company till now.

3. Google

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

If you use internet than most of you will be already awarded about the company Google. Google is the king of internet. Most of the common services used on the web is owned by Google. Some of these services are Gmail, Google Chrome, Google+, Google Search Engine and more. Google is a great innovative tech company and always work on to improve its products & services.

Google is also an American tech company founded by Larry Page and Sergery Brin in 1998. According to, is the most visited website in the world. While if you are thinking of that What Google has innovated than the list very long.

I will give you real-life example. Google’ web browser Chrome has changed the way of web browsing. Chrome always aims for simplicity and speed. It’s the most used web browser right now.

Google is very popular for its search engine at More than 75 percent of search engine market share has been dominated by Google. Here is another innovation by this tech giant. They have introduced a new project called Project Loon to deliver high-speed internet to rural-areas.

Google Self-Driving Car is another innovate project by the company.

4. Microsoft

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Right now, If you are using a laptop or desktop, there is high chances that the operating system software running on it is developed by Microsoft. Most of the computer system in the world runs on Microsoft Windows OS. Microsoft is the only company which makes it possible to use the computer by normal people and in easy way. By introducing the products like Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Microsoft has dominated the video games industry. who was previously known as Hotmail is among the veteran of web-based email services. This email service is also developed a owned by Microsoft.

Bill Gates is the man who founded Microsoft. He is also the richest person on the planet.

Microsoft always works on to improve products to the perfection. In this contrast, they are improving their Windows OS from Windows NT to Windows 8.1 and have been working Windows 10. Their another awesome software is MS-Office helps us to do most the office related task and common tasks related to documents. Microsoft is one of th best among most innovative tech companies

5. Intel

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Most of the computer users also award about the company Intel. Intel is the American multinational company. It’s the inventor of x86 based microprocessor. These are microprocessor which are mostly founded in our computer system. In 2013, Intel was ranked among most valuable brands.

Folks at Intel are always striving to come with new technology for microprocessor to improve its speed and efficiency. Intel’s processor always gives top-notch performance.  Intel is one of the best & among the most innovative tech companies.

6. Cisco

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Cisco is an American computer networking giant in the industry. They sell networking equipment by manufacturing at their own. It was founded in 1984. They are also the leader in VoIP services. Computer Networking protocol IGRP was also developed by Cisco.

Cisco has also developed a line of computer networking certification. CCIE (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the most prestigious networking certification in industry. Getting CCIE is a sign of reputation. They have also devolved various industry standard routers & switches.

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7. Xiaomi

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The WorldXiaomi known as Mi is a china-based electronics company. They are very popular for their cheap but high-end smartphones. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi has ranked among the world’s largest smartphone maker. They are developing the smartphone in the lineup of Mi and Redmi. Mi is considered as the Apple of China. They are already dominating the smartphone market of China.

8. Samsung

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Samsung is the south Korean innovative tech company. Samsung have operation in both electronics and mobile. Their high-end smartphone series Samsung Galaxy is known for getting awesome features. Samsung Galaxy series smartphone are the competitor of Apple’s iPhone series.

9. IBM:  Best Innovative Tech Company

Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

IBM (International Business Machine) is another American company known for its innovation. They mainly deals in Hardware, Software, Consulting and Hosting. By time they have invented the products like Automated teller machine (ATM), Virtual Machine, Hard disk drive, Relational database and more.

They are also currently working on several innovative project. One of them is to develop a web browser for visual impairment.

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Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World is world’s biggest e-commerce company. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. In USA, is largest online retailer. It also offers video streaming services in some countries.

So these are most innovative tech companies in the world. If you know about any other tech company which innovates and can be included in this list than let us know about that in comment section.

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