In the promotion of a product or brand, graphics are extremely important. Small and large organizations alike use visuals to build great marketing strategies, whether it’s in the form of movies, presentations, or posters. Businesses with larger budgets now frequently have the upper hand. They can afford to work with highly skilled personnel and meet the market’s need for graphics. What can small firms do to ensure that there is the fair competition? We’ve put together this in-depth PosterMyWall review to assist you in determining the answer to that question.

Are you confused about whether PosterMyWall is the right choice for your graphic design needs? Continue reading to learn more about PosterMyWall in my unbiased review.

That is undeniably true. What’s more, guess what? PosterMyWall was used to make the lovely poster video you see below. I’d been researching techniques for enhancing my online engagement for the previous two years because I’d been active with blogging and content development — until I understood it’s all about producing the most amazing posters and animations that might attract millions of visitors.

However, without a graphic design degree, it was difficult for me to come up with concepts, and all of my designs were mediocre at best. Until a fellow creator suggested PosterMyWall, that is. Since then, I’ve been utilizing PosterMyWall for all of my graphic design needs.

What were the outcomes? It assisted me in attracting 8000+ visitors on the first day. That’s incredible!

So I decided to aggregate my PosterMyWall experiences and “spread the word,” among other things.

In this PosterMyWall review, you’ll learn how to improve your graphic design skills without having to spend a lot of money on expensive programs. And by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll see how PosterMyWall is almost ideal for your graphic design needs.

If you don’t already know, PosterMyWall is a one-stop-shop for all your graphic design and poster-making needs. PosterMyWall, unlike most other professional design programs, does not have steep learning curves and offers hundreds of premade customizable themes. Simply pick your favorite PosterMyWall template, play around with the elements, and share.

PosterMyWall specializes in high-quality printable posters with organized photo/video collections, whether it’s for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, social media marketing, or store promotions. In minutes, you may make animated posters, flyers, and “spread the word” on social media sites. You can also quickly invite team members to collaborate.

And the feature I adore the most is the ability for team members to make last-minute modifications from anywhere using computers, phones, and tablets. Let’s take a closer look at the initials now that we’ve covered the basics.

Key Features Of PosterMyWall

1. Content Creation

Creating great graphics posters had never been so simple – especially for those without a formal graphic design education. You can either start from scratch or use a PosterMyWall flyer. Text, typefaces, backgrounds, and audio clips can all be modified for each part of your design. You can easily design social media templates.

2. Customisation

Over the years, the customizing options have expanded dramatically – far more than I had anticipated. Not only can you play around with texts, fonts, and images, but you can also play with alignment, background image placement, and various color selection tools – all of which feel like professional design tools.

3. Collaboration

Teams can easily share, collaborate, modify, and comment on one other’s graphic designs. Teams can also create folders to organize their work and invite collaborators with the option to restrict access. Teams can collaborate on many projects at the same time using such tools within a single account.

4. Resizing Across Platforms

The most aggravating part of social media is the disparity in aspect ratios among sites. Thankfully, PosterMyWall provides multiple downloads tailored for various devices, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can also select from more than 60 various sizes for social media sites, posters, and ad banners. 

Resizing is also completely free and can be done to your heart’s content for creating content for a variety of mediums. 

5. Publishing and Sharing

When your graphics design is finished, you may download it right away, share it with collaborators, and post it on social media. Auto-publishing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, on the other hand, is free, with premium services allowing for post scheduling at a later date and time.

6. HD and 4K videos 

In 4K format, you may make presentations and market movies. However, the PREMIUM PLUS subscription is required to create unlimited HD and 4K videos. To export HD and 4K videos with the Free Plan, you must spend $14.95 USD for HD videos and $24.95 for 4K videos. You will receive 3 credits per month if you choose the PREMIUM PLAN.

You can easily get started with PosterMyWall’s graphics design tutorials.

PosterMyWall Pricing

The Free Package 

  • Users may upload custom photos/videos, change text fonts, and more to build and modify any form of graphic design.
  • Select from 275,000+ free templates
  • Users can also use Premium sources like Getty stock graphics at a price $2 USD. 
  • Export your designs as JPG, PDF, MP4 or .GIFs. 
  • In this plan, you also get free library of video and stock images
  • For social media networks, downloads are offered in basic quality with no watermarks. Other forms of graphics can have watermarks added to them.
  • You can also watermark free video download (HD & 4K Sizes)
  • In this plan, Free plan also doesn’t have watermarks if they pay for individual downloads

The Premium Package

  • The Premium Package includes unlimited high-quality graphics downloads as well as one-click background removal.
  • Stock libraries are built in, they don’t need to go to individual sites to seek out stock graphics. Also Pixabay stock graphics are free.
  • Premium users have access to 24/7 live customer assistance via email, as well as the ability to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Premium Plus Package

  • Everything from the Free and Premium Packages is included.
  • Unlimited HD & 4K video downloads
  • Credits are required solely when purchasing designs from Getty Stocks.
  • Premium Plus subscribers get 6 Credits at the start of their subscription, and 4 Credits every month for the duration of their subscription.
  • Premium Plus members can print and send their designs within the United States.

Pros and Cons of the PosterMyWall

Even though this PosterMyWall is an excellent tool, there are a few drawbacks that we should discuss. Let’s start with the advantages of PosterMyWall and then move on to the disadvantages.


  • There are no downloads necessary for web-based applications.
  • Thousands of PosterMyWall templates are fully customizable.
  • Graphic design abilities are not necessary. 
  • PosterMyWall apps for iOS and Android are available.
  • Easily Schedule social media posts
  • The app offers HD and 4K video downloads. That’s as good a quality you’re going to get from any video creator tool.


  • There isn’t a drag-and-drop option for putting designs into folders.

Finally, this concludes the PosterMyWall review. PosterMyWall is a tool that we recommend for graphic design needs if you ask us. Hopefully, this PosterMyWall review has been helpful to you as well. 

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