Reasons For Slow Computer: Most of computer users usually face the problem of slowness of computer. Many of computer users raise questions in forums that Why their PC is getting slow. They want to know about the reasons for slow performance of Computer system.

Even I also face slowness in my Windows PC occasionally. It’s true that a Slow computer irritates very much. Slow performance of computer will lead to decrease in productivity. A slow computer can run your fast internet connection on its top speed and your web browsing will become slow.

Top 10 Reasons For Slow Performance Of Computer

“Computer running slow” is a common problem for many Windows users. Beginner finds them helpless in such situations. To get your PC run on top performance, you need to maintain it on proper basis. Before it, you should be aware about the causes What make a computer run slow.

Top 10 Reasons For Slow Performance Of Computer

1. Many Programs Running At Same Time

Most of the computer users are unaware about the programs running on their PC at a give time. It’s highly recommended to run only that programs which are required. Like many users install software for increase or optimizing their RAM, but it will not help. Instead it consumes RAM and CPU usage.

You should uninstall those program which you don’t use.

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2. Overheating

Overheating inside Computer system is a common cause of slow performance. When we use computer for a long time with giving it a break, CPU inside it produces heat. This heat can cause slowness if there is not proper ventilation. Thats why data-centers and Computer Labs are fully air-conditioned to keep room temperature cool.

3. Lack Of Free RAM

RAM is main one of the component which decides the speed of a computer. If your computer have enough free RAM to complete the needs of programs then system will run at optimal speed. If you run many programs at same time, it will consume more RAM and cause computer to go slow.

If you want to run more programs simultaneously then you should increase the size RAM of system.

4. Malware Infection

Malwares like virus, Trojan and worms can significantly impact computer’s performance. Your computer will run really slow if its infected. In this case, you need to scan the PC for infection. You can use online virus scanner to scan your PC for any possible infection.

5. Fragmented/Corrupted Hard Drive

Fragmented or Corrupted hard drive is also a major cause of slow performance of computers system. Many users don’t shutdown their computer properly and it cause hard drive corruption in long time. Fragmentation of data on hard disk drive also cause slowness of computer. We should defragment every hard disk drive on regular basis.

6. Outdated Drivers and Software

It is highly recommended to install latest version of every device driver and software. Like if there is an update for Graphic driver, update it to its latest version and same applies to other device drivers.

We use many software on our PC on regular basis. These type of software includes web browsers, Video editing software, Media Players and more. We should keep every software to its latest version. Newer version of software contains many bug fixes and improvements which can make that software to run at better speed.

7. Duplicate or Pirated Software

Many computer users use duplicate or pirated software. These type of software don’t come from genuine sources and usually includes malwares. Its better to get rid of these type of duplicate software that can harm PC performance.

If you want to purchase any software like antivirus, please purchase it from a reputed vendor or retailer. It’s highly recommended to use genuine of Operating system.

8. Your Computer Is Too Old

If your computer is tool old like more than 4 years, it is likely to get slow. Latest web technologies and high-end games will run really slow on your old PC. Many of Software’s hardware requirements has increased over a time.

9. Temporary Files

Temporary Files is also one of the reason for slow computer performance. When we browse internet on any browser or run any software, it leaves temporary files in hard drive. The size of temporary files increase by time and cause slowness of system. These temporary files needs to be cleaned on regular basis to get optimal performance out of the system.

10. Miscellaneous Reasons

  • If you use Google Chrome, it takes more memory than Mozilla Firefox. More memory consumption leads to slow system.
  • More programs runs on start-up cause slow system start-up. You need to configure the start-up programs accordingly.
  • Windows Registry got cluttered with obsolete data when we use computer for a long time. It can cause computer to run slow.
  • Fancy animated wallpaper on desktop and widgets also cause slowness.
  • Too many addons installed in Web Browser.

Conclusion: Why Your Computer Performance Is Slowing Down

So these are the reasons which cause slow performance of computer. If you are also facing the problem of slow PC then you need to check all above points and match with your system.

If you know about any other reason which cause slow PC performance, list that in below comment section.

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