Nowadays, Instagram has become the most used social media platform. Most of the younger people prefer to use Instagram than Facebook. This popular social media site gets new feature updates on a regular basis.

To properly use it for personal or business use, you need to learn about its all updates. These updates are can be related to Instagram ads, reels, IGTV, story, DM, etc. There is a feature that can send gift messages on Instagram.

The gift box message looks really attractive. It can be sent to your friends and loved ones on any special occasion like a birthday, new year, Christmas, etc. This gift is not like a normal text message. The gift message feature wraps your text message in a gift box. It can only be seen after tapping the gift box in the chat.

Although you can send the gift message with ease. But many of us find it difficult to use this gift message feature. In this article, you will know about how to send gift messages on Instagram. Also, you will learn about enabling the gift message feature on your mobile devices.

How To Send Gift Message On Instagram

It is very easy to send gift messages on Instagram. Before sending the gift message, you need to make sure to update the Instagram app to the latest version. With the latest version of the Instagram app, you will receive the gift message feature.

Now lets proceed further, lets know how to use this feature?

1. Open Instagram.

2. Open Instagram Chat to whom you want to send the message.

3. Now type the message that you want to wrap in the gift message. For example; Happy Birthday.

4. Tap the search icon on the left side of the chat text box.

5. Choose any gift message template by swiping.

6. Tap to send.

So this is how you can send the gift message on Instagram. When you tap the gift icon, the message will be sent automatically. When the recipient taps on the gift message icon you sent, it will open and show the message.

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