Maintaining a computer system is essential for the performance and lifespan of a computer. If you want to run your computer at its best performance for a long time than you should maintain the computer system in best condition.

A well-maintained desktop computer or laptop will let you to get fast internet speed and better performance. If you are facing the problem of slow computer performance than it may be due to, you have not maintained the computer system properly. You should protect you computer from viruses and data loss.

If you have recently bought a new computer than you can easily extend its lifespan by applying some basic maintenance tips for computer system.

Maintaining a computer system includes its software maintenance and hardware maintenance. Both software and hardware of any computer system. Do you know how you can protect your computer system from crashes? It’s the regular computer maintenance that can prevent computer crashes.

So let go ahead and know about how to maintain a computer system or PC.

Maintain Computer

How To Maintain A Computer System: Tips

1. Keep The CPU Of System Clean

If you are using your computer from a long time (1-2 year or more) than dust may be settling inside the CPU cabinet & parts. These parts include motherboard, optical drive, power supply, connectors and more. If you are hearing a loud sound from your CPU which seems the sound of CPU Fan than dust settled on it can be the cause. Improper functioning of CPU fan can cause hardware damage due to heating. It can also be the cause of slow computer.

A dust-free computer system run fast and do not produce more heat. If you do not know how to clean dust from computer system (desktop & laptop) than you should take help from a computer hardware expert.

To protect your computer from dust than you can keep it in a dust-free room. You should also keep the place clean where you operate computer.

2. Defragment Hard Drive

Defragmentation of hard drive should be done on a regular interval to keep the performance of computer on top. Defragmentation rearranges the fragmented data for smooth data process in a disk drive. Windows-based system have built-in options for disk defragmentation.

3. Have UPS For Backup

A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) System should run along with your desktop computer system. It will prevent your computer from power outage and electric surges. When a computer is directly turned off without performing normal shutdown process than it may cause system failure and hard drive crash.

If you do direct turf-off of computer on regular basis than over time its hard drive life will get reduced.

4. Clean Junk Files & Folders

For smooth functioning of software in your computer junk files should be cleaned on a regular interval. On regular usage of computer operating system & other software generates temporary files that accumulates if not cleaned. Web Browsers stores caches, cookies, form & search history and other files. These temporary web browser files can make your web browser heavy, if not cleaned.

CCleaner is a PC Optimization and cleaning software that can help you in this task. It will clean temporary files, optimize and speed up your computer. In fact it is one of the useful computer software to use.

5. Keep Computer Malware Free

Malware running in computer can cause system crash, improper functioning, slow processing, data loss etc. These malicious running code in the system can make the system significantly unstable. To get security from malwares, you should install a good antivirus software in your system and keep it updates. Some good free antivirus program for windows are also available.

Miscellaneous Tips: For Computer Maintenance

  • Keep the screen of laptop or monitor clean
  • Always keep the operating system, softwares and driver updated
  • Remove all computer programs which are of no use
  • Always have a backup of your computer data
  • Give your computer a break (turn-off) to let the hardware cool down
  • Keep the laptop on the cooling pad for better cooling and preventing system hangs


Now you can easily maintain your computer system by applying these tips on daily basis. Maintaining a computer is a continues process. Among all, cleaning the dust from computer system is the most important point which should be applied strictly

Now you can enjoy your computer system with best performance and for extended time.

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