Tips For Safe Online Shopping: Now a days the trend of online shopping is upward. The usage of internet for shopping and online learning is increasing day by day. As most of the products & services like mobile, laptops, cloths, furniture and more are available online. Mobile companies are launching & selling their new smartphones online.

Most of us wants to buy any product from comfort of our home. So we choose online shopping. Also we can get various attractive offers & discounts online. You can even return the product, if it is faulty or not matches your interest.

But while doing online shopping, you have to be concerned about the security. You should buy a product from any random website on the web. On the internet, malwares can gain unauthorized access to your banking credentials. Unauthorized people are always looking for a chance to get unauthorized access to your online credentials. You have to be very careful before buying a product from any website.

You should know about the authenticity & trustworthiness of any online shopping website. There are some people who avoid online shopping due to security concern on the web.

Tips For Safe Online Shopping

But you don’t need to worry. There are some tips which you can follow for a safe & secure online shopping. 

List Of Tips For Safe Online Shopping

1. Install An Online Security Software

Do you want to stay safe while shopping online? Installing an antivirus or online security software is first step you should take before browsing. A full-fledged antivirus software protects you while you are online. It will protect your computer system from getting various types of malware infection, which can steal online credentials. Online Security Software also blocks potential phishing websites. It is also very important to keep your antivirus software updated to its latest version.

Whatever you do online, before it get your computer system installed with a premium antivirus software. Companies like Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee and various other provides premium online security software.

2. Shop From A Reputed Online Shopping Site

You should always choose an e-commerce website which reliable and have a great reputation in the industry. There are many best online shopping websites including Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Bestbuy etc. These website a fully secure from any malware and provides excellent customer service. These reliable online shopping sites also have excellent product return policy.

So you should always choose website for online shopping which credible, reputed and authentic.

There are many sites that offers online ordering for restaurants

3. Check For HTTPS

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. In HTTPS, data is transferred over HTTP is encrypted over secure socket layer or transport security layer. Using HTTPS on a website is excellent for its privacy & security. It gives protection against man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping. Whenever you are about to give payment for a product & service online or on checkout page make sure the URL consists of HTTPS. It is better if there is a lock symbol at starting of the URL.

4. Use Strong Passwords

It is highly recommended to use strong passwords for every online credential you have. Strong password are difficult to break by anyone. If you don’t know, how to create strong online passwords than you should use LastPass. LastPass is one of the best password manager. It will automatically create strong password and stores in its secure vault.

5. Get More Security While On Public Wi-fi

Online Shopping from a public Wi-fi is insecure. Free public WI-fi are available at different places including hotels, shopping malls, coffee shops, airports, and many other locations. It is easy to intercept the data transfer on public Wi-fi.  It is better to avoid using a public Wi-fi for your online transaction. For best security, you can shop from your own computer system with own home-internet connection. You can also use your own cellphone network for accessing the web with better security.

Miscellaneous Tips For Safe Online Shopping

  • Always use a secure web browser and make sure the web browser software is running on its latest version.
  • Keep your computer operating system updated.
  • Use one of the popular VPN services
  • While buying any product from mobile apps, make sure the mobile app of latest version.
  • Use Web Of Trust (WOT) to check the reputation of any website in search engines and protects you from malware, rogue websites and dangerous links. You can install the WOT Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Use public dns servers like like Google Public DNS to get online safety at DNS level.


So these are tips which can give your safer experience while doing online shopping. Now you can buy your favorite smartphone and denim jeans without worrying about online security. Make sure antivirus is installed in your computer.

So what are you waiting for? Go and shop online without any hassle.

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