Best Music Player Apps For Android: Are you a music lover and loves listen to music on you android smartphone then you should need an efficient music player app. Although music streaming sites are also here. But to play the music files stored in your smartphone’s internal storage and SD Card, music player is necessary.

Android smartphones come pre-installed with stock music player. But if you want to get more features & functionality in your music player, there are some of the best music player apps available for Android. These best android music player comes with many great features like equalizer, better design, better audio file management and many more awesome features.

Although there are so many music player available in Google Play Store. But do you know which are the best music players for your android. We will help you choose best android music player apps.

List Of Best Music Player Apps For Android

1. Poweramp Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Poweramp is one of best app for playing music on your android. It is a paid music app but you can also opt for its trial version. It can easily play mp3, mp4, flac, wav, ape, tta, mpc and more. Some of its other useful features includes crossfade, mono fixing, replay gain, better bass & treble adjustment and more.

It also let you configure lock screen. You can different customization options in its settings. 10 band optimized graphical equalizer are also integrated in this music player.

If you want an all in one music player for your android smartphone then Poweramp is best music player for you. Before buying its full version, you can also use its trial version for 15 days.

2. Google Play Music

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Google Play Music is a popular music app from Google. You can use it’s as standard music player and as an online music streaming service. As it is from Google Inc, the quality of this app is of top-notch. Without any cost, you can upload and listen to up to 50,000 songs.

The user interface of this app very simple but looks really cool. It will also recommend you the music on basis of what you of music you listen frequently.

3. Shuttle Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Another lightweight &  powerful android music player has got a place in this list, It is Shuttle Music Player. The user-interface of this music player looks very clean & intuitive. Along with Google’s Material design, it supports gapless playback, embedded lyrics, artwork downloading, various customization options and more.

You will surely going to love its user-interface. It has also integrated 6-band equalizers. For customizing the theme of music player there are different options including light & dark mode.

Its paid version includes some other useful feature like id3 tag editing, folder browsing, ChromeCasting for TV and more themes.  Also the performance of Shuttle Music Player is very impressive.

4. jetAudio Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

jetAudio is very powerful music player with high ratings in Google Play Store. It come with various sound effects and 10 bands graphic equalizer. It can any type of audio file you through at it.

It allows you to listen to high-quality music with various enhancements like Wide, Reverb, X-Bass. Some of its best features includes 32 equalizer presets, support for 10/20 bands equalizer and more. It can also do playback speed control, crossfading, AGC and much more.

Its free version has some other features like Find on YouTube, Sleep Timer, Lock Orientation options, Automatic Gain Control and more. While its Plus version has more advanced features like display lyrics in tag, tag-editor, 2 lock screen, Pitch Shifter, 14 app widget and many more useful features.

5. doubleTwist

Best Music Player Apps For Android

DoubleTwist is an excellent music player and podcast manager. The user-interface of this music app looks so beautiful and easy to use. One of its unique feature is it can sync with iTunes, AirPlay music and manage podcast. One of the best thing about this awesome app is that it is abosoultely free.

With DoubleTwist, listening to your favorite music will be a breeze. Its paid version allows you to  stream on Xbox, Playstation, DLNA and Smart TVs.

6. BlackPlayer Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

BlackPlayer is a flat, minimal & elegant design and ad-free music player for playing your local music files. Most of the common music file formats like MP3, WAV, OGG are supported by this beautifully designed music player. It works on its tabbed interface.

When it comes to features, it has support for built-in equalizer, 3D surround virtualizer, bassboost and more. It also as has support for Flac and Gapless Playback. It also allows you to use external equalizer. Option for ID3 Tag editor, edit Track, Albums & Artists are also presented in BlackPlayer.

You can also change themes, fonts and colors. If you want to use an android music player with minimalist interface this is music app you should have on your smartphone.

7. Laya Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Laya Music Player is a simple to use audio player for your android smartphone. Most of the basic feature like music browsing, managing playlists and equalizer are integrated in this audio player.

Its key features include music search, Bass Boost, 3D Sound Virtualizer, Podcast Support, Home Screen Widget, Five Band equalizer, Lyrics Support, Playlist Management and more.

8. n7player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Another intuitive audio player in this list is n7player. It has got user-friendly interface. It can also play FLAC and OGG file along with other popular audio formats. For better music quality, it supports 10-band equalizer, volume normalization, adjust channel balance and more.

Themes allows you to customize the look of the audio player. Also support gapless playback, timer and  playback resume.

You can also stream music to their devices through ChromeCast/AirPlay/DLNA. With third-party addons allows you to add lyrics in the song. It comes full playlist support for collecting and managing all your music.

9. Pulsar Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

Pulsar is an intuitive music player that is light on system resources. It features gorgeous Material Design user interface. In this audio player, you will get smart playlists which features most played, recent played and newly added tracks. You can easily search across songs, albums and artists.

Some of its other features includes home screen widget, gapless playback, built-in tag editor, display lyrics and more. It also supports Chromecast.

For customization, you will also get different themes. If you want an android music player with best features and cool design then Pulsar Music Player can be a good choice for you.

10. Rocket Music Player

Best Music Player Apps For Android

If you want a fully featured audio player then Rocket Music Player seems a great choice for you. With 30+ themes and Material Design, using this audio player will be a breeze for you. Its 5 Band equalizer and equalizer presets can make the quality of your favorite songs really awesome.

You can also manage album art and display lyrics. Its awesome features includes batch selection, Chromecast support, Sleep Timer, Playlist Manager, Podcast Manager, Scrobbling support, custom lockscreen and more.


So these are best music player apps for android. Although there are several audio player are available but these are best among all. Among all you can first go for Poweramp and Rocket Music Player.

If you are bored with using built-in android music player then you can give one of these audio player a try.

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