Social Networking Websites are playing a very important role in our daily life. Now its very easier to get connected with your family, friends and loved ones. Businesses can reach a wide range of audience just by social media.

Most of us use social networking sites on daily basis. There are many benefits of using social media. It can help you getting a new job, education, latest news, advertise your product or service and many other benefits.

Do you know which are top social networking websites in the world ? Here is the list of the most popular social networking websites.

Most Popular Social Networking Websites

List Of Most Popular Social Networking Websites

1. Facebook: Most Popular Social Networking Website

In this digital days, Facebook is the most used social networking website. Facebook is used by almost all of the internet users. It is one of the best tech company in this digital world. Do you want to connect with your friends on the go than Facebook is the best website for you. After registering at the website, you can connect with your friends. It also let you to post status updates, send & receive messages. Facebook Messenger allows you to use its service on the go on smartphones. The company is regularly adding & improving new feature to make this social networking service more useful for users.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another popular social networking website. You can a send and read “Tweets”. Tweet is a short 140-character message. To subscribe to other user tweets, you need to “Follow” them. Smartphone users can easily access Twitter with its mobile app. This social networking service is also one of the most visited website.

3. Google+

Google+ is a popular social network website from Google Inc. It is also called as Google Plus. Some of its main features includes post photos, circles, hangouts, communities and many more useful features. You can do free video conferencing call with up to 10 people with it hangout feature.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking service which is focused towards business. It helps in building a professional network. LinkedIn is one of the best place to grow your career & business and finding a job. It also helps in Job listing and Online Recruitment. Most of the LinkedIn users are from USA.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing website which was launched in 2010. You can upload, save and manage image on this site. Images can be pinned. It is very popular among Women. It can help you to grow your brand. If you want increase sales of your product or service, Pinterest can be a great platform. Some of best categories in Pinterest includes food & drink, women’s apparel, home decor, DIY & crafts, and travel.

6. Instagram

Instagram is another popular social networking service where you can share your mobile photos and videos. It allows you to connect your Instagram account to other social networking sites. You can also apply photographic filters to your images. Some of its other features are geotag images, follow other users feed and more.

7. Flickr

Flickr is photo & video sharing website and an online community. If you are blogger, you can host you image at Flickr.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform. It allows you to create short-from content to share photos, videos etc. You can manage your blogs from its dashboard. Some of its other blog management feature are HTML editing, tags and queue. You can also follow other users blogs.

9. Reddit

Reditt is a social news networking service. After registering on this site, you can share content and direct links. You can also vote submissions up or down. Some of its categories are educational, technology, image sharing and more. These categories also include subreddits.

10. VK

VK is a European social networking website. It allows you to send & receive messages, create page, group and more. This site is very popular among Russian-speaking users. Like button are also given. You can also listen music, share photos, play games and more.


So these are most popular social networking websites in the world. No doubt, Facebook is the most popular social networking service among all. Twitter and Google Plus are also proving  great service for social networking.

Now go and use one of these websites and get connected with friends and loved ones.

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