The cent symbol (¢) is a monetary unit which equals to the 1/100 of the monetary unit. Basically the cent is used when dealing in American currency with amount less than $1.

Many of us don’t know how to type the cent symbol on the computer. But you don’t need to worry as you can easily type the cent symbol on the computers that are running Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Also on the smartphones, you gets the cent symbol on it keyboard.

Type The Cent Symbol

So let us know about typing the cent symbol on your computer.

How To Type The Cent Symbol On Your Computer

The Cent sign is commonly used in priced listing or when referring to a price on of any product and in advertisements. For example 72 cents can be written as 72¢ as well as $0.72. Other currencies like Mexican centavos can also written in this form.

It looks better & clean to write cent in the cent symbol rather than doing a cent to dollar conversion. The cent symbol key is usually not available in most of the keyboards. So you can not type the cent just by pressing a key in your computer keyboard.

Infact the cent symbol is a part of Unicode. It is an information technology standard that provides consistent coding of written text on computers, smart phones and other digital devices.

Cent Symbol On Microsoft Windows

Typing the cent symbol on Microsoft Windows is easy and it can be done in most of its programs. All you need is to hold the Alt key and type a numeric code on your keyboard.

The Alt code for entering the cent sign is 0162. It means to enter the cent symbol, you need to type the 0612 code along with holding the Alt key.

There is an easy way to get the Alt code of the cent symbol. It will help you when you forget the Alt code of any symbol. All you need is to open the Windows Character Map utility. To open this, press the Windows key + R and it will open command prompt. Now type charmap and press Enter. The Windows Character Map Utility will open.

Whatever symbol you want, you can search for it by simply scrolling through the Character Map window. Also, you can search for the symbol by type the name of symbol in search box.

Now, just copy the character into computer’s clipboard and paste it in the program in which you want to show it.

Another way of typing the cent symbol is to look for its name in a search engine like Google and Bing. After finding one, copy and paste it.

Cent Sign on Apple macOS

When compared to Windows, it is easy to type the cent symbol on Apple macOS. It can be done by using a simple keyboard shortcut. All you need is to just hold down the Option key on your keyboard and press the number 4. This number key has $ sign on it which makes you to easily remember and associate it with in US currency.

In case you don’t know the symbol shortcut, Apple’s built-in Character Viewer can be used. It can be opened by  holding down the Control and Command keys and press the spacebar where you want to add the character.

Similar to Windows, you can search for the symbol by scrolling through its menu or just type the name of the symbol in the search box. For reusing any symbol, open the Character Viewer or copy and paste.

Cent Symbol on Linux

Now, lets know about typing the cent symbol on the Linux computer. For this, you can use the Character Map and find the cent sign. It can also be used to find any other symbol on your Linux based computer. To use the symbol in desired program, copy and paste it.

The cent sign or any other character can also be typed by holding the Ctrl + Shift and pressing the ‘U’ key and entering the Unicode.

Cent Symbol on Smartphones

The keyboards which comes with Android and iOS smartphones already has the cent sign. On your Android or iOS device, you can access the cent sign by pressing and holding the Dollar ($) symbol on the virtual keyboard.

Now just Tap on cent sign or any other currency symbol you want.

So these are ways you can follow to type the cent symbol on your computer keyboard. macOS and smartphone.

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