Types Of Search Engines: Modern Internet consists of a large number of websites and blogs. In fact, the internet is made up of different websites. We read the variety of sites to get the required information.

As there are many sites providing an answer for particular “query” or keyword”, how you will get the right answer for a particular keyword. Search Engines are the only solution for this task.

Search Engine is used by many people around the world on daily basis. There is a wealth of information on a different topic. Search Engines makes it super-easy to find the required information by just typing the query.

In any research work, web search engines are of great use.

Our online world is greatly dependent on search engines. From finding a new recipe to online shopping, most of our day-to-day informational tasks requires search engines.

Types Of Search Engines

There are different types of search engines based on their working.

Different Types Of Search Engines

  • Crawler-Based Search Engines

Most of us use the Crawler-based search engine on daily basis. Some of the examples of a crawler-based search engine are Google, Bing, Baidu etc. This type of search engine crawl the different websites on the web. It creates listings automatically for the users.

They are building a large searchable database. Whenever a change is made on any website, crawler or bot of the search engine will come automatically and update that web page in search engine’s database.

This process is like crawling > indexing > search engine results (search engine algorithm). The task of crawling is done by the web crawler. Crawlers are also called robots or spiders.

The Indexing part consists of taking a copy of that crawled web page and store that in the data center for further processing. All of the searchable databases are stored in the highly secured data center. Google has many data centers around the world.

A website should be optimized to make sure that Google crawls and indexes its web pages easily.

In this part, data of different webpage are organized for better and fast searching.

Here comes the most important and complex part of the whole process. Now the web page will be ranked in a search engine in an order. Every Search Engine has its own complex algorithm to rank pages accordingly. Various factors like keywords, backlinks, domain-age, website speed, bounce rate etc are analyzed for ranking the page.

After it, search engine takes the most relevant & best web page results and displays to the end-user in a proper order. This process is very fast and takes just a fraction of the second.

Search Engine Optimization is the process that every webmaster do to better rank his/her site in search engines. Google is the no. 1 search engine and it makes around 500-600 changes in its search engine algorithm in a year.

  • Human-Powered Directories

A human-powered Directory is an open directory. It depends on humans for listing any site. You just have to submit a description of your site with the appropriate category. In search listings, it looks and matches in the description.

The change made on the web page does not have any impact on search. It’s only the site description that matters. If you have a high-quality site with good content then it is more likely to get reviewed for free than a poor site.

Inclusion in these type of directories has SEO benefits for webmasters.

  • Hybrid Search Engines

Hybrid Search Engine uses both crawler-based results and human-powered listings for the end result. Modern internet is adopting this type of search engine model. It has now become to present both types of results in search engines.

  • Metasearch Engine

Metasearch Engine uses data from other search engines to build its own results. When a user enters an input query, it sends out queries to other search engines for results.These type of search engines don’t have put efforts on developing their own unique search engine technology.

You don’t have to go through the different search engine as it combines the search results from different search engines. It will save the time of the end-user.

A virtual database is created by these search engines. It integrates data from multiple sources. It mostly focuses on technologies related to user-experience and displaying of information.

Serax.me is both metasearch engine along and with private search engine along Dogpile is a great example of a Metasearch Engine.


So above are the types of search engines explained. Today most of us use crawler-based search engines. Google is the leader in all search engines.

For a newer experience, you can give a try to Hybrid and Metasearch engines.

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